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The Emerging Processes of Civilizational Decline and New Birth

Withdraw, regroup, and rally! This is how, according to Arnold Toynbee, a new civilization emerges from within an old civilization. Ironically, the pioneers of the new civilization are usually a fraction of a small minority of people who still admire the original spirit and ideal of the old civilization. These pioneers withdraw and firm...
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We envision building an "intentional city" called "Riqueday City, USA" as a haven for freedom, justice, and equitable prosperity in a self-sustaining and mutually beneficial society. This city won't be in one single location, but, rather, it will be distributed WITHIN the communities throughout the greater Twin Tiers area straddling the PA/NY border. Riqueday...
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Forget The Majority, Building Freedom Through Intentional Nationhood Is Our Right and Duty

Majorities in many countries are voting away freedom and ushering in a sort of democratic Caesarism and cancel culture extremism that are aimed at destroying religious freedom, especially for Christians and Jews, but really for everyone. We propose a peaceful and ambitious response using the vehicles of national identity and religious freedom, recognized under...