What will happen if freedom itself dies in this land at the hands of the woke communists and their neocon collaborators?

America cannot remain the world’s predominant freedom commonwealth uniquely blessed by God if our people are willing to follow a godless ruling class and their prescriptions, which violate human nature, the laws of Creation, and God’s standards of righteousness and justice. These things may be protected by law, but they cannot be mandated by law, they either come voluntarily from the heart or they will eventually be involuntarily outlawed. A society of people who willingly embrace depravity and authoritarianism as the norm will never tolerate anything other than total submission.

Imagining that we can, or should, change the fundamentals of human nature in how we create things like marriage, family, and community is a deadly and foolish undertaking that will surely lead to ruin. But the majority of Americans are clearly willing to submit ir tolerate leaders and people with a public trust who do these very things and who desire to shun, shame, and outlaw those who refuse to go along with their godless social, cultural, and economic norms.

What then follows if America as a country ceases to be a commonwealth of freedom and devolves into a savage, alt gendered, totalitarian state where only a few corporate and political shot-callers control politics and where politics controls everything else? What happens is that God raises up new peoples and new countries to fulfill that which America, as a whole country, first ceased to defend and then began to attack.

We can foresee a day, unless the current path is changed, when those who love things like freedom founded upon virtue, liberty, and independence will be a persecuted minority who can only survive through parallel structures that have no dependency to the godless, anti-freedom structures which then dominate this land. But those parallel structures can emerge and, with God’s protection and provision, no power in hell or on the earth will be able to prevent them from emerging and thriving.

Indeed, if America as a country is to be redeemed, then the emergence of new structures for an entirely parallel sociocultural and socioeconomic infrastructure and civilizational paradigm cannot come soon enough. The alt-gendered, hedonistic and authoritarian “woke communism” with its cancel culture extremism is aimed, by hell itself, at the heart and soul of God’s intended manifest destiny for America.

Being afraid to confront and resist the violent perversion and attempted redefining of such sacred instruments of God’s will for human civilization, such as marriage, family, kinship, nationhood, and community, exposes our own pusillanimous hearts. Such a people who cannot or will not arise and resist the siren call of hedomism and authoritarianism will have their lights extinguished and God will raise up a new people, new nations, and a new commonwealth of freedom.

The idea God’s arc of history for human civilization will be prevented from being fulfilled is an idea born in an absence of faith and truth. As the worldlings grow in their wickedness, so too God’s people, if they heed His call, will grow in virtue, and as the worldlings become less free, the nations of people who follow hard after God will become ever more free.

At no point in human civilization will the power hungry, perverted, morally reprehensible forces of totalitarianism whose every idea is born in hell gain world dominion. Pockets of human flourishing rooted in God’s blueprint for human civilization will always remain somewhere, until the time when God removes His People from this present world.

We envision the deliberate creation of alternative, parallel structures, beginning with a virtual commonwealth called “Upadaria”, as a platform that promotes freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence and that emulates a non-territorial “country” that adheres to God’s standards of righteousness and justice for the nations. We believe the creation of these structures, which also includes distributed free cities, hubs of refuge and support, and clustered living options, could help restore America to its true manifest destiny or, in a worse case scenario we do not want to see happen, create an ark of sorts for people during times of great unrest and ruin.

People who either embrace our virtual commonwealth as e-Citizens or who embrace our alternative nationality, as peers of a globally-distributed spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, will find options and alternative solutions that tend to enhance their level of freedom and prosperity while empowering them to become more influential as a witness for the Lord to others. In the end, this could become the basis of what follows IF America as a country ceases to be a commonwealth of freedom and abandons its true manifest destiny. It could also become the rallying point and foundation for restoring our country to its God-given purpose.

We hope, pray, and work toward creating these parallel ideas, relationships, connections, and structures toward the end of saving our country from being dominated by perverted and corrupt authoritarians, the woke communists and neocon collaborators, whose only god is their own self-pleasure.

But we also know and acknowledge that if Americans do not reject and resist, with spiritual weapons and not the weapons of this world, the wanton destruction of our culture and way of life, then what follows will be the demise of our country and the emergence of new nations of people and a new country who fulfill God’s intention to always have a commonwealth of freedom on this earth.