Bernie Sanders wants you to believe all his freedom denial ways come from a desire to save us from catastrophic climate change. The truth is, these freedom deniers don’t care about the climate, that’s just a pathetic justification for their freedom denying, authoritarian agenda.

TLDR: Climate change frauds are freedom deniers and don’t care about climate change, because the ONLY way to stop catastrophic climate change is through a freedom embracing approach at the individual and local scale.

Bernie Sanders is a totalitarian fraud who uses climate change to gain power while not doing anything to substantively reduce the human impact on the earth.

The real choice is between freedom and the dictatorship he desires. Bernie doesn’t give a crap about science or climate change. If people like him can’t offer house affordable and house portable solutions that give food and energy independence to each individual, family, and community than their alleged concern about climate change is a fraud. It’s just another justification for dictatorship, which is their end goal.

If you are reading this and haven’t heard of house affordable, house portable, personal energy and food independence, local autonomy, sustainability is freedom, and mutual self-reliance through local sustainability, then know this: the people telling you they care about climate change are LYING.

Freedomists do recognize that humanity is adversely impacting the natural world and that potentially catastrophic climate change is mainly caused by human activity. Our solutions are to, like our opponents, harness this crisis to advance our agenda.

But we are honest about this freedom agenda, whereas our opponents are liars about their authoritarianism!

Our desire is truly to dramatically reduce or eliminate the net negative impact of human activity on the natural world and the climate. We recognize that a freedom-based solution that empowers the individual, families, and communities is the ONLY path to progress. Our opponents claim to want to reduce  negative impacts from human activity, but their reliance on top-down structures and their refusal to seriously stop the local to federal regulatory obstacles that inhibit the creation of house portable and house affordable solutions belies their claims. In short, they desire power, not a better natural environment without catastrophic climate change.

We recognize that if we promote individual, household, and community mutual self-reliance through sustainability and both energy and food independence that we will eliminate most all negative impacts through human activity. We recognize that if governments promote house portable and house affordable solutions as well as local microfacturing using local renewable or recyclable materials that we can expand freedom, grow prosperity, reduce the overreach of politics in our lives, and actually halt almost all negative human impacts on the natural world.

When the One Big System (OBS) “solution” fails, freedom deniers like Bernie Sanders will try to blame “climate change deniers” to justify further assaults on freedom!