June 18, 2024

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Back the team that will fight to defend the Bill of Rights against ALL foes, regardless of whether they are foreign or domestic, official or corporate, through education, information, networking, and mobilization and by building a massive digital freedomist army of activists.

In 2009, our Publisher, Bill Collier, via Team Sarah’s 80,000 activists, organized the efforts that forced David Letterman to apologize on national TV and led to the training of over 500 Tea Party organizers around the country as well as massive promotions that got the news past the unjust and biased media filters.


The Tea Party was a leaderless and decentralized effort that soon became hijacked and many grifters or people who had nothing to do with its launch came in and exploited it. What we have learned is: we need to build a structure of support to help freedom builders around the country, to let them direct our efforts and agenda, within the parameters of a commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans.

The Freedomist is pro-life, pro-America, pro-Bill of Rights, and pro-capitalism as we define it. In fact, our publisher Bill Collier WROTE THE BOOK on Capitalism with co-author Ralph Benko, former member of Reagan’s White House and a team member, that was endorsed by a virtual “whose who” from the Reagan revolution, people like Steve Forbes and George Gilder.


As to character and drive, we have been at this since 1976 and have always put the cause of freedom first. As for skills, our team, led by Publisher and Freedomist President Bill Collier, has a solid reputation for getting things done in terms of building brands, gaining votes, and mobilizing people for causes.

Our team members were actively engaged in the Cold War, going on the ground to gather intel, and to promote freedom causes, from Burma and Africa to these United States of America, and many places in between! From political campaigns that led to great upsets, including the Youngkin campaign, to organizing aid on the ground in Indonesia for people impacted by the massive tsunami that struck the Pacific and Indian Oceans, our background and skill set lends itself credibly to this cause.

We have built teams and moved MILLIONS of people in the past, but now our focus is on YOU, the average freedom activist, and giving you the news, intelligence, and SUPPORT STRUCTURE to build freedom locally and nationally. Grifters and big names who do nothing but collect paychecks are not allowed, we are working for you, to empower and equip you, to build you up, and to give you a voice and vehicle to fight for freedom together, with us, and your fellow patriotic citizens.

Now we have a plan to build a massive activist corps of over 3 million patriotic and freedom loving Americans, working from our present FREE email list of over 500,000, our sponsorships which support our efforts, and our current growing team, to reach over 100 million American citizens per month and urge them to VOTE TO DEFEND THE BILL OF RIGHTS!

Freedomist-MIA has a plan to take things to the next level in terms of the fight for freedom. But we need to raise over $500,000 PER MONTH ultimately to get there. That’s around $6 million per year.

Join the Freedomist Army now! No woke garbage, just plain old Bill of Rights liberty for ALL Americans!

What will we get within 18 months of launching such a plan?

Basically, if you can imagine it, we would enroll a minimum of 1,000, and an AVERAGE of 5,000 strong and devoted Freedomists, that is activist citizens, in EVERY US Congressional District. These are citizens engaged in civic action who strive to make the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights the leading policy directive for every level of government in this country.


Our goals are:

  1. To transform at least 500 or more US Counties to Freedom Shires where strict originalist interpretations of the Bill of Rights become the leading policy guide and where these counties are Bill Of Rights Sanctuaries
  2. To ensure that we can mobilize at least 50,000 people on the ground, anywhere, within 48 hours notice, for outreach and/or to engage in a peaceful demonstration or protest, while being able to mobilize over a MILLION online activists to counter efforts to censor, cancel, or boycott by the freedom-taking left
  3. To create at least 3 Freedomist Clubs in every US Congressional District, with an average of 8, backed by around 200 members each who engage in civic activism, mutual self-reliance, and preparedness
  4. To have a team of at least 50 part-time to full-time professionals who provide infrastructure and support to Freedomist Activists as well as content, coaching, and other forms of support
  5. To create a Freedomist Congress of Delegates from every County, State, and Congressional District who shadow actual officials in the form of monitoring and reporting on their activities and reaching out to them and which votes to set the agenda and approve endorsements
  6. To build a network of local Freedomist News Franchises, with News Halls for a people-powered free press, in as many Counties as possible with state, regional, countrywide, and international news provided via our central team
  7. To reach at least 100 million Americans per month directly and without the big tech, big media, and edutainment/infotariate establishment’s censorship in order to garner at least 30 million guaranteed votes to back the endorsements of our Freedomist Congress, who pledge to donate to, support through volunteering, and vote for candidates endorsed by their respective Freedomist Town Meetings who decide who to back
  8. To create a funding mechanism wherein each State or Congressional District Freedomist Town Meeting provides funding for endorsed candidates as Freedomists individually donate through our online donation tool so our endorsed candidates and elected officials need not worry about fundraising at all and become only beholden to the People
  9. To build a Freedomist PAC to engage in voter mobilization and vote-getting efforts but which is directed by our USA Freedomist Congress with Delegates from every County, State, and Congressional District, a true people-powered movement that cannot be hijacked by grifters and “personalities” who are only in it for themselves

These last goals are essential because no matter how good a candidate is, once they get in they either play the game for campaign cash or they lose. We want our candidates and elected officials not to have to go anywhere for funding but back to the well of their Freedomist backers.

we will fight to restore this land as a land of free people!

Nobody is going to build such a network on their own, the big money donors and their parochial interests would want too much control and as for paid sponsors, they are far more interested in traffic for themselves, which is reasonable, than backing something that doesn’t directly benefit them.

Fortunately, our plan IS LIVE AND UNDERWAY, and we are over 10% toward our goal right now.

We need a total of around 30,000 backer-subscribers at $22/month to achieve this goal with a little cushion.


TAX DEDUCTIBLE? If you are self-employed or deduct business/professional expenses, this subscription can be considered a business expense for professional development, though you should check with your accountant.


What do backers receive?

  1. A subscription to a bespoke level private intelligence report with a focus on practical concerns and solutions in the fight to grow freedom, with professional grade intel, resources, and solutions reporting that will keep you deeply informed (this is a $250/year private intelligence service)
  2. Access to premium intelligence reports covering topics the technocrats don’t want you to see, with REAL news and information that is actionable and current, such as our extensive report on who made money from the Coronareich Regimen we all endured for over 30 months
  3. A weekday, sans holidays, Daily Intel Summary with sources and links, in an easy to read format that gives you news at a glance but allows you to dig as deep as you like
  4. Access to premium content, over 1,000 articles which often have relevancy for months and years, in a searchable database
  5. Once a month or more periodic Zoom calls with Bill Collier, our publisher, our team, and other experts on civic and political activism and ways to promote your own activist causes


As a Freedomist-MIA Backer-Subscriber you will be well informed, but without wasting your time wading through fluff, and you will have a daily intel summary that takes minutes to read but provides access to in-depth information as deep as you want to go.

Beyond this, you will be backing an effort to use the free market to financially support a massive Freedomist Movement that focuses on empowering people to take back the reins of power at the local level.

One unusual thing is we ask Backers who wish to be engaged in The USA Freedomist Congress to enlist based on a Pledge of Common Unity. There is nothing extra in terms of cost, but we do want to ensure that only those who are rock solid backers of our Bill of Rights, sans the reinterpretations meant to water them down, are part of our Movement.


Publisher, Bill Collier, goes into the lion’s den to confront MSNBCA. We need this kind of fearless leadership to promote freedom and defeat the freedom takers.

Who are we that you should trust us?

This effort is led by Bill Collier, one of the original national founders and promoters of the Tea Party movement. Collier has a long resume of activist and professional achievements directly related to moving the public in support of freedom.

In 2008, Collier said, “we need a new movement that won’t merely be the next MoveOn, but that the left will want to emulate.” With a group of early backers from different organizations, Collier was, as Community Governance Advisor to Team Sarah, the largest activist site for social conservatives at the time, instrumental in organizing and training Tea Party groups and leaders around the country.

Our aim is to build a new movement, backed by you, that will never be hijacked like the Tea Party was eventually, and that will be run by and for patriotic loyalists to the Bill of Rights in their original spirit and intent. Using free market funding, wherein paid subscribers are the king, we will surpass the Tea Party and work with more discipline, consistency, and professionalism.

We will have concrete goals, namely to gain Bill of Rights Sanctuary status in at least a third of all US Counties or their equivalent but also townships, towns, boroughs, and municipalities as well as school districts. We aim to see at least 100 members of the US House of Representatives elected by and at the behest of Congressional District Freedomist Town Meetings who treat them as a Delegate. Likewise, we aim to see at least 25 Senators engaged in the same manner who have the same commitment.


Publisher Bill Collier on a Middle East tour in 2018.


We are reaching over a million to three million people per month right now and we have a growing base of paid subscribers and sponsors: we are at least a tenth of the way toward our goal. As we grow more, we will add content, add more investigative reports, and begin to build out the virtual spaces for organizing Freedomists by Region (29 regions covering 15 Congressional Districts each), State, then 145  Sub-regions (3 Districts per), all 435 Congressional Districts, and eventually over 3,000 US counties. We will “grow as we go” and keep YOU, our backers, informed as to progress, mostly through recorded live Zoom sessions.

BECOME A BACKER NOW and let’s stop relying on the “political class” who keep failing us. We can do it, together.


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