If you aren’t an American and we say America is the greatest country ever, this may rankle you a bit and make you feel insulted or that we who say that are conceited and rude. But bear with us for a bit as we explain why this is so and why this definitely doesn’t make any American better or more valuable than you, because everything we say about America, for the reasons we give, can be said about you, for the same reasons.

On the other hand, if you happen to hold an American citizenship and vote in our elections but don’t agree that America is good, perhaps you are looking in the wrong places, perhaps you are acculturated to see only our flaws and failures, and perhaps you are so animated by alien and, frankly, rather authoritarian ideas that your eyes will always be jaundiced toward this country. We won’t accuse you of not being an American if you are genuinely deceived about how and why America is good, and therefore great, but there are some who hold our citizenship but whose hearts have turned against us in the same hateful passion any foreign foe might feel toward our country.

America is the greatest country because the arc of its history, even in its most flawed states and during its most henious acts, bent ever more toward freedom and God’s standards of righteousness and justice, thus producing more liberty and prosperity for most of its people than any country in history.

America was not and is not “America” to everyone all the time, some whole groups of people (think inner cities or Appalachia, native American reservations, or the migrants we both tempt across our borders and then condemn as illegals) are left behind. But more of a percentage of Americans were embraced and blessed with freedom and prosperity in, say, 1990, then 1890.

That being said, and this is where America is in danger of losing its crown as the greatest country, the amount of total individual freedom and individual to local autonomy from a top-down system of control owned by the most privileged in 1790 has eroded and hasn’t been experienced by very many Americans even today. Put another way, a rich, white, male in 1790 had more freedom in that era than anyone, including rich white males, does today.

A downward trend isn’t a forever trend and if America is somehow returned to the path of its true manifest destiny as a commonwealth of liberty with justice for all, then we will see this a mere dip in an otherwise upward arcing advancement.

America owes its status as the greatest country ever to God alone. What made us great is our arc toward ever greater freedom with justice and prosperity for all that became more and more common for more and more a percentage of our population. This is an arc of history any would-be tyrant or authoritarian coterie could not tolerate as it would make their totalitarian agendas less feasible.

In the Freedomist vision for America nobody is left behind, the arc of our history continues back on track to expand freedom with justice and universal opulence (abundant prosperity) for all, without exception. If you think rich, white guys in 1790 had all the privileges and maximum freedom and prosperity and this upsets you, consider focusing less on bashing rich white males and more on wanting all Americans to have the same freedom with justice and prosperity.

This all came from God. We did not invent it or create it. Indeed, anyone, anywhere in the world who learns the ways of God’s standards of righteousness and justice will find the same blessings of freedom with justice and universal opulence.

America is the greatest country on the earth because of the blessings and will of God, who made this land a beacon of hope and a model of liberty to all the nations as part of His plan and blueprint to advance human civilization and therefore human dignity on this planet. We are not better people than anyone else. Everyone on the planet who sees in America’s goodness, despite our sometimes badness, the ways of God for the nations which ought to be emulated by all will have a part in these blessings.

American exceptionalism is a product of God’s plan to provide a sanctuary to the oppressed and an example of freedom to the nations. Why He chose this country is only known to Him, but God is the source and deserves the credit. Turning from God’s standards of righteousness and justice for the nations, denying His blueprints for human civilization, beginning with marriage and the family as well as extended family and local communities, we would eventually forfeit this status and God would raise up new nations and a new country or countries to carry the torch of His benevolent desires for humanity.

How and when this happens, if America as a country becomes a secularized, hedonistic, and authoritarian society led by unscrupulous and corrupted leaders without any regard to our true manifest destiny, is not clear. It can take decades or be sudden.

America is the greatest country ever, for now, but that isn’t anything we can brag about as if we made it happen, and it isn’t going to continue as long as we, as Americans, reject the God who made this happen and reject His manifest destiny for our country and His standards of justice as righteousness for the nations.