By Bill Collier- Withdraw from the endless sounds of shrill partisan propaganda and focus on whether or not YOU will build freedom for yourself and your family even in an authoritarian woke cancel culture ruled by corruption and greed. The constant and seemingly forever long train of abuses, lies, and violations of basic human dignity and common decency only serve to keep you transfixed to the distractions and unaware of how close you are from exiting the trap.

You can build freedom. You can actually have the joy and benefit of being part of a culture and a community of people whose values and beliefs are affirming to you, to your own dreams, and to all the things you hold dear. Being AWARE of how the external culture is becoming a cesspool and of the unethical machinations of its corrupt ruling class, as evidenced in the diarrhea of blazing sensational headlines, is somewhat necessary. But being aware of your options and your own power is essential.

While we by no means desire to or advocate abdication of the field of political battle, we recognize that, at present, we have to find gaps for freedom in an environment where the political field is dominated by totalitarians and will not change soon. We have to continue to work toward political advocacy and activities that get the best results while finding new ways to increase our inner strength and wellness through unilateral actions taken with like-minded fellow travelers.

Our approach outside of the political is to build freedom unilaterally between people, one and two then three and more, until entire parallel structures, like economic exchanges or health care systems, can emerge from such creative energy. The gathering, clustering, and cohabitating of like-minded people whose spiritual, social, and cultural convictions are compatible and who nurture and support one another is how we will build freedom unilaterally.

When the surrounding culture is controlled by the few at the expense of, and in opposition to, the sentiments of a significant plurality to a majority of the people, then, beyond merely hoping to reform politics, one must consider the necessity of parallel, alternative arrangements. The old adage “politics is downstream of culture” is only true in a healthy society, of which ours isn’t. But as much as politics is controlling culture in our country today, and as much as political engagement is needed every day, we can use known legal carve-outs and gaps for freedom to unilaterally create alternative or parallel cultural and other arrangements based on our shared Judeo-Christian values.

This is not withdrawal and isolation or ceding politics to the Caesars, the totalitarians. This is both, and. This is also building a socioculturally healthy and materially self-sustaining “army” that can take political activism to a new level and eventually begin to actually DIMINISH the totalitarians in government and in the corporate world.

Going to political war with a political activist core that is materially subservient and dependent in relation to your adversaries, the totalitarians, is a formula that can only produce disappointment and defeat.

To build freedom requires a lifestyle change with an initial primary focus on becoming materially independent of every structure your opponent controls OR taking those structures back. How we spend our time and money and who we spend these things with and toward what ends has to radically change in ways that will likely initially be very inconvenient and tough. Building a local group, community, or network who have a strong organic cohesiveness that comes from deeply held values and a strong shared identity won’t be easy at all.

But such a dramatic rethinking and reprioritizing of basic things like how you spend your time and money and with whom is the only way to both shield yoursef from an unfree culture ruled by totalitarian loons and to build back a stronger and more capable freedom movement that will eventually run the totalitarians out of power. If all over America in every County a core of, say, 100 families united around a set of beliefs and values and a shared identity that affirmed freedom based on Judeo-Christian values then these little cadres of freedom builders would begin to dominate local and then state and then national politics.

Our focus is on building a core of freedom builders in every county in this country who have a strong shared identity and way of life that renders them economically powerful and culturally influential. Being able, as a community of around 100 or so adults in some form of shared identity and way of life, to meet your basic human needs and even prosper more than everyone else is the best way to build a political bloc capable of defeating the totalitarians.

On one hand, we generally share this idea with everyone to use it. On the other hand, we propose a unique form of nationhood, basically an intentional nationality or ethnicity based on ideals and not race or ancestey, that will provide a ready-made form of organic cohesiveness through freewill participation alone. Building intentional community, even where community members don’t cohabitate on one single piece of real estate, is best where there is strong organic cohesiveness, which a form of intentional adopted ethnicity (nationhood) provides.

The genuius of this approach is that it can begin within you and then with one and then two or more local friends who begin on the basis of finding ways to become as materially independent as possible using only the assets, resources, and skills you presently possess.

The difficulty is that for this to work without creating cultish behavior or top-down hierarchical control the barrier to full stakeholding participation is that this new shared identity, and the beliefs and values it represents, must be adopted freely by each stakeholder. Eventually, if your distributed intentional community grows and starts having successes, people’s initial skepticism and close-mindedness toward your effort, and especially the shared identity, will decrease.

(Note: “distributed” in “distributed intentional community” simply means that instead of living on one piece of real estate members and their properties are distributed throughout an area.)

One small group we are building has begun by assesing our resources: what do we own and what can we use and who or what outside of us, but friendly to us, can we tap into. The goal is to ensure as much as we can that everyone can sustain themselves no matter what the totalitarian loons do to try and control us. The barrier to entry for the stakeholders, as opposed to other participants who connect as friends and allies, is the adoption of a shared national identity based on the Biblical concept of spiritual nationhood.

Only in time will people see that this barrier to entry isn’t as high as they think and that this shared identity already aligns with anyone who truly desires to follow the traditions and lifestyle of a culture that is rooted in historic Christian moral, ethical, and doctrinal orthodoxy. It is a necessary and Biblical thing within God’s blueprint for human civilization that diverse forms of nationhood, as opposed to universalism and a Tower of Babel approach to “Chistian Unity”, be used to organically create such self-sustaining communities of people.

Whether you use the device of “intentional nationhood” as the basis of your shared identity, the important thing is that you have a shared identity that provides a strong organic cohesiveness that doesn’t require top-down control in order to maintain it. If you attempt to build a self-sustaining distributed intentional community without organic cohesiveness three outcomes are likely: it will fail through division, it will become top-down and controlling, or ot may adopt cultish behavior.

How you spend your time and money and who you spend it with will have to change. Your focus should become alignment with like-minded people with the intent you all, together, both become self-sustaining and perpetuate the kind of cultural life and norms that nurture your own faith and beliefs. Devoting more time, money, and resources to these local people for mutual profit is an intentional act of resistance against the freedom taking loons.

If you examine your life, you are already making choices and spending time, money, and resources on people and things of no benefit to yourself or your passions. People waste hours a day on social media and spend thousands of dollars per year lining the pockets of totalitarian corporations. Change these things and divert your spending of these things to local people whose values you share and you will begin to be more and more personally free, prosperous, happy, and politically powerful.