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Why Ronald Reagan Would Have Been A “Upadarian”

Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union. He understood the times in which he lived, the hour of visitation, and the real crisis facing the free world. He was able and willing to evolve and grow and learn from his mistakes and always sought to be on the cutting edge of the advancement of freedom...
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The Emerging Processes of Civilizational Decline and New Birth

Withdraw, regroup, and rally! This is how, according to Arnold Toynbee, a new civilization emerges from within an old civilization. Ironically, the pioneers of the new civilization are usually a fraction of a small minority of people who still admire the original spirit and ideal of the old civilization. These pioneers withdraw and firm...
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How To PROTECT Your Values and Freedom In An Authoritarian Culture

If you recognize that Western Civilization has become morally and spiritually deranged and you don't recognize how your lifestyle might be thereby influenced then you are probably in your own delusional bubble. If you think you can be a solo actor, a lone wolf, and maintain your own cultural convictions in a society that...