Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union. He understood the times in which he lived, the hour of visitation, and the real crisis facing the free world. He was able and willing to evolve and grow and learn from his mistakes and always sought to be on the cutting edge of the advancement of freedom for all peoples, not just Americans. It is for this reason, as we consider the true threats to freedom and the radical necessity of the hour, that we are convinced Ronald Reagan, had he known about our vision for a new civilization emerging within people’s hearts and lives, would have identified with what we call Upadaria as a shield against the evil empire of our day, namely the authoritarian phony wokatarians and their corrupt corpostate ruling class.

Let’s start with what a Upadarian is. The word is pronounced “you pah darian” and comes from what we propose are the four core ideals of Christian civilization. These ideals are a balanced understanding and application of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law within the framework of historical Christian moral and doctrinal orthodoxy.

The concept behind what we call Upadaria is basically the idea that we can intentionally create a nationality based on these ideals and then principles and practices stemming from them to sow the seeds for a Christian civilization within our own hearts, lives, families, and communities.

A Upadarian is someone who embraces things like the four core ideals, historic Christian moral and doctrinal orthodoxy, principles such as liberty based on the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights, and the call to both be a witness and influence for Yeshua to the nations and to provide aid to Christian refugees. A Upadarian is someone who seeks to restore to social fabric of faith and family within communities based on trust and freewill participation within a free and pluralistic society of equals.

The radical necessity of the hour is to unilaterally build alternative connections, relationships, associations, and structures together, based on a new intentional nationality that transcends things like race or politics, to shield people from the rapacious and freedom taking powers that be and thereby build a global movement as a witness and influence for Yeshua to the nations.

Ronald Reagan understood that America was a city on a hill. Sadly, he would realize today that this land and its institutions have fallen prey to a darkness of moral degeneracy and authoritarianism coupled with petty corruption and graft. An evil empire has emerged and taken root from within our system and only the building of a sort of empire of freedom from within our homes and neighborhoods can counter this threat.

Reagan knew God was the source of freedom and only through faith in God could we build a free society that was just to all people, leaving nobody behind. He did what he could, but no doubt, being a man often ahead of his time, he would have realized that the mantle of freedom must pass to a new effort. This effort is not predicated on the political state as his efforts were but, rather, on a form of nationhood that doesn’t depend upon or isn’t easily controlled by what has devolved into a corrupt corpostate system.

Reagan would realize that as in his day it was America a political state versus the USSR that today it is Upadaria a spiritual nation versus a global corpostate system. The great challenge of his day was to end the USSR, the great challenge of our day is to build a parallel sociocultural construct with its own social, cultural, and economic arrangements and organizations that will essentially shelter people from today’s evil empire and eventually challenge that evil empire.

In short, because he was a proud American, a Christian, and a conservative who had a heart for the downtrodden and disadvantaged, Reagan would have proudly been a Upadarian, if not in formal name, definitely in spirit and intent of its meaning.