We are living in the new dawn of a Christian nation, or “Kingdom Nation”, whose purpose is to nurture the social fabric of civilization as God intends it (kinship), to reach and the nations as a witness and influence for Jesus (missions), and to provide sanctuary, aid, and advocacy for Christian and other refugees through creating physical safe havens as support hubs and even whole hub communities (refuge).

Can a nation come into existence without any political state or military power but only on the basis of spiritual sovereignty? Can such a nation be blessed and protected even though it takes a form more like an international Christian mutual benefit, missionary, and refugee society? Can a Christian nation be favored and secured by God even though the closest form of “statehood” is an intentional virtual commonwealth that connects people around the world and empowers them to autonomously build the genesis structures of that spiritual nation in their own neighborhoods and communities?

We are proclaiming a new Christian nation, as the vanguard people of a new civilization, and an international virtual commonwealth of freedom promoting the restoration of the social fabric of human civilization as ordained by God.

The social fabric of human civilization lives, in the Biblical worldview as adapted to our present era, in the form of things like individual spiritual sovereignty, marriage, the nuclear family, the extended family, an intentional kinship based on spiritual connections, the practices of clustered living based on spiritual kinship, kinship-based distributed communities, and physical spaces designed to nurture and promote these structures, including distributed cities and even major hubs like unto cities of refuge.

Unlike some worldly nations who depend on statehood and military means, our spiritual nation does not ever envision mandating our way of life through politics or laws on anyone: one must freely choose to adopt our way of life in connection to other peers they choose to associate with on a strictly freewill/voluntary basis.

Restoring and protecting the social fabric of a nation of people whose God is the Lord and a whole civilization whose very ideals are forged in Kingom essentials, is the mandate and purpose of what we call the “Upadaria” project. This is an intentional birthing of a new nation that isn’t a political state and that won’t be established or built using political or military force. Through a website, a book, and a virtual commonwealth platform, what we call “Upadaria” will become an international network of hundreds of thousands of clusters of people who adopt and use our 17 Protocols to autonomously build the genesis structures of a new Christian civilization in their own midst.

While a few will get this and be able to run with this, many will not embrace this opportunity to adopt a new form of spiritual nationhood, with all the blessings therefore, until they see the first physical structures, like a common facility or clustered living spaces. The pioneer builders of the genesis structures of this nation will be like those who were chosen by God to serve alongside Gideon, the Gideonites of Upadaria as we call them.

Many will come to our banner seeking refuge and safety, knowing that our nation is favored by God not because He is on our side but because we choose to be on His side for the advancement of human civilization.

The emergence of Upadaria as the vanguard spiritual nation of a new civilization is part of a larger paradigm shift from the age of kuriakos, or the church as a limited religious institution, to the age of the Kingdom, in which all the elements of the Kingdom are intentionally manifested among the elect. The birth and rise of Upadaria will play a role in manifesting the Kingdom of God among us and through us to reach the nations for Jesus Christ.

Because Upadaria, as the vanguard people of a new Christian civilization, is a Kingdom nation and not a worldly nation, it will be established through spiritual sovereignty as opposed to political sovereignty. It’s people (in their local chapter communities, missions and embassies common houses, and clustered living housing developments) will live all over the world among the nations as a witness and influence for the Lord.

Essentially, and legally, Upadaria will be manifested to most people through a privately owned and “for profit” virtual platform called The Virtual Commonwealth of Upadaria which emulates a free and pluralistic society of equals, and an international Christian mutual benefit, missionary, and refugee support society, with many Branch Societies and other structures all affiliated with both the virtual commonwealth and the international society. Upadarians are Christians who live all over the world and who have adopted and adapted our 17 Protocols to manifest the Kingdom of God among themselves in order to draw people to Christ.

This is a nation based on Kingdom essentials and sacred Biblical blueprints whose peers come from all lands and ancestries and who belong to every Christian denomination or church affiliation, we are not a church or denomination ourselves. A nation is substantively different than “the church”, even if its people are all citizens of the Kingdom and of the elect of the church.

It is our conviction, albeit not a doctrine, that the four core elements of the Kingdom, as we understand it, include what we call Ecclesium, Ethnium, Oikosium, and Koinonium or church, nation, family, and community.

The Ecclesium is the church universal and eternal, where we see “ecclesia” at the area level as the general government of the Kingdom, participated in by the Elect, over a distributed spiritual city-state of the Elect who are God’s embassy to the people in that area. The Ecclesium includes the local congregations, churches, and all Christian bodies as well as all followers of Yeshua.

The Ethnium which is both the universal commonwealth of the Elect as spiritual Israel and the many diverse nations whose God is the Lord. It has ever been God’s intention for a DIVERSITY EXPRESSION of Kingdom Nationhood to exist on this earth, in the form of many unique nations whose God is the Lord, as a witness to the nations.

The Oikosium is familial connections of spiritual kinship which manifest mostly in the form of marriage between a man and woman who raise their own children (including adopted children) in their own home and within the kinship connections of a multi-family extended household community that behaves as a larger extended family to meet all the basic needs of the whole.

The Koinonium is community through freewill participatory association based on intentional kinship and God’s standards of righteousness and justice. Koinonia basically refers to a form of scalable fellowship like unto kinship that amounts almost to an informal contract for mutual assurance and support between individuals and groups of people.

When most people think of church they think of buildings, clergy, and services but church is bigger than this (although it includes this) and, what is important here, the Kingdom itself has other elements of importance which are not contained within even the element of the church/ecclesia. Nationhood is a core element of the Kingdom meant to serve the broader world, not just its peers or Christians, so that, through its structures and spaces, people might find God if haply they seek Him.

See Acts 17:26-27

26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

27 That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:

Familial connections (Oikosium) and kinship community (Koinonium) engage and are essential to both Ecclesium and Ethnium, but they are their own elements. The core ideals for these elements include Unity in diversity for Ecclesium, Popular sovereignty for Ethnium, Democratic equality for Oikosium, and Rule of law for Koinonium, although all four core ideals apply to these elements in their own way. These are the four core ideals of Christian civilization as we understand and practice them.

It is important to keep in mind: nationhood as we present and practice it does not equate to the church and isn’t a form of a church any more than your own family or business is a church. We are promoting nationhood as Biblical element of the Kingdom, we are not creating a church of any kind.

While to some, becoming part of Upadaria is like unto joining an intentional society with a fraternal/mutual benefit, missionary, and refugee support focus, adopting this spiritual nationality as an addition to your own nested identities (like your country, ancestry, denomination, and etc), doesn’t require you to join any formal organization. Upadaria is a spiritual nation and anyone in the world who loves God, has a passion to reach the nations, and feels led to adopt and use our 17 Protocols, can become a Upadarian and pursue these things autonomously, led by God alone.

When you choose to adopt this spiritual nationhood, by making the Upadarian identity and way of life part of who you are and what you do, because these things fit God’s scroll of destiny and purpose for your life, you come within a sacred border of protection and provision (pomerium) which extends only to nations whose God is the Lord. God’s unique blessings, provision, and protection for such nations comes only through such a form of nationhood.

To become a Upadarian, or a peer of our nation, is to choose a form of nationhood based on God’s blueprint for the nations, His righteous and just standards for all nations as the basis of human civilization. But like the Kingdom, our spiritual nation is not built on the same basis as the worldly nations which tend toward things like force and political power. A Upadarian can love their country and the land where they live and does not need or demand any form of political separation, their only demand is for basic human dignity and human rights so they can express and experience their own way of life with fellow Believers and fellow Peers and be a witness and influence for Yeshua to the world around them.

It’s time to embrace the new thing God is doing: raising up a new nation of people who live all over the world but who are all part of the same spiritual nation as a witness to the nations for the Lord.