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Teamsters to Use Amazon Moral Code to Win Unionization

It appears Amazon is getting a new enemy, and that name is Teamsters.  Unions have been dwindling in America, and the power of Teamsters has decreased with  it.  Amazon has a workforce of over half a million in the US alone.  Worldwide, Amazon is set to cross 1,2 million employees within the next 6 months if their additional hiring plans follow form.

That’s a lot of Union dues, and Teamsters is tasting that dollary due dough.   And those numbers, hundreds of thousands of union members, that would add tremendous political capital to the teaamsters’ DC lobbyist offices.  There’a  lot at stake, and a small number of people will gain to the tune of tens of millions of personal dollars if the Teamsters can unionize Amazon.

The assault on the new institutions of the 2010s and now 20s is coming from Unions, and union activists, who will use the moral claims of these new institutions against them.  Do you dare disadvantage the less fortunate and deny them their ability to negotiate with you on equal footing?  If you’ve embraced the new morality code, the end racism and bigotry bit (that does little to end either using its preferred tactics of fear and intimidation to simply silence bad thoughts), if you’ve used your market monopolistic advantages to yeet the unorthodox from the market square altogether, well, the chickens have come home to roost and their name is Unions.

I say it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of new rich kids.

Amazon’s new union battle: Teamsters go local to snarl expansion

2021-09-02 00:23:00



SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 1 (Reuters) – In June, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, one of the nation’s largest and most influential unions, vowed to make organizing the Inc (AMZN.O) workforce a top priority.

Two months later, details of the Teamsters’ ground game are starting to take shape, Reuters has learned from interviews with local union leaders. While organizing workers is the ultimate aim, the short-term strategy is one of disruption.

Over the past year, the Teamsters have raised concerns about Amazon at local government meetings in at least 10 communities, leading to the scrapping of projects and the rejection of a tax break, as well as resolutions calling on the company to meet local labor standards, according to a Reuters tally.

From Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Oceanside, California, the Teamsters are popping up in city halls around the country, joining forces with community groups as they seek to persuade local officials to ask more of the tech giant or reject…


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