This article by NBC news is covering a growing trend in mostly inner city schools of black parents choosing to homeschool their children.  Though this is a trend that’s nationwide, seeing homeschooling rising among black communities, especially poor communities, is something worth taking note.  The NBC article interviews some black parents who talk about why they choose to homeschool  their children.  They chose to focus on these families that all seem to echo some shared concern that the schools themselves are still fundamentally racist, in terns of the inequality of the resources provide to predominantly black schools and in terms of how the teachers themselves teach their black students.

As NBC news is not a trusted source for news due to its ties to the DNC, one would easiliy be dismissive of the claims of racism in our public schools by these parents, but, to me, it fits my understanding of the nature of the moral supremacist who crows the most.  These folks more often than not end up being the worst offenders of the very moral constructs they are seeking to police with great militant viligance.

These parents are in the very bellies of the DNC beasts, where political competition is dead, and they can bilk the land of its goods while giving voice to the plea of the needy in their communities that they continually faily to address.  Rather, from within their own centers of power, the disenfranchised zones of America, it is their party that has reigned with an iron fist for more than 70 years, perpetually perpetuating, it you will, the oppressions of the disenfranchised they build their moral power around.

Unfortunately, many of these same parents will most likely not recognize that the source of this perpetuation of racist oppression is the power in their own neighborhoods, for 70 plus years, that continued to allow these same neighborhoods to be perpetual sources for moral power, bought by the very real oppression people face that are born into these uncertain, unsecure, unhealthy, undeveloping war zones dotted with crusing guards from outside the community (the police) who seem just as sick of the people they allegedly serve as the people they serve are sick of them as well.

Still, for whatever reason these parents are removing their children from school, and whoever they blame for their very real pain and suffering, it is good when people take steps towards self-sustainability and determination and away from dependence on a large-scale system that will always only see you as a useful cog, an expendible pawn, or detritus fit for the flames.

Why more Black families are choosing to homeschool their children this fall

From www.nbcnews.com
2021-09-02 16:55:00



As schools begin reopening across the country, in Chicago, Angela Valentine says her 12-year-old son, Dorian, will not be returning. Instead, he will be home-schooled.

“I just began to see some telltale signs that things weren’t working to our advantage,” she said. “And started to see some discrepancies, some inequities.”

Some of those discrepancies involved her son’s academics. Valentine said that as Dorian’s grades slipped last year, before the coronavirus pandemic closed classrooms, his school failed to give him adequate support and solutions for subjects in which he was weak. Her son was one of only a few Black boys in his class, and he said his social interactions changed over time. Other students suddenly stopped playing with him. He told her that he spends recess on the swings by himself.

“We later found out that he was called the N-word,” Valentine said.

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