Withdraw, regroup, and rally! This is how, according to Arnold Toynbee, a new civilization emerges from within an old civilization.

Ironically, the pioneers of the new civilization are usually a fraction of a small minority of people who still admire the original spirit and ideal of the old civilization. These pioneers withdraw and firm their own inner, alternative, and parallel communities that seek as much as they can as much material independency as possible from the structures of the old and dying civilization.

Put more simply, often the new civilization’s initial champions are actually trying to save the old civilization. They are withdrawing inwardly from the now alien sociocultural and socioeconomic system that, to them, is almost like a foreign occupation. The present system, to them, is a result of some form of hostile subversion of their civilization and their efforts are aimed at preserving the heart and soul of their civilization’s best features and ideal.

One who studies historiology, the inner and cyclical logic of human history on the rise and fall of countries, national peoples, and civilizations, realizes that we live in an age where all the world’s major civilizations, especially the West, are entering a stage of decline. This stage is the era of moral and spiritual depravity, confusion about fundamental facts of human existence, destruction of the social fabric provided by things like faith and family, and, as this proceeds and the population are dumbed down, the rise of a Caesar.

Many, including those who seek to save the old civilization, focus on the decline and fall as it is emergent. The truly awakened and enlivened focus instead on that which must follow, knowing that the new will build upon the best elements of the old but also transcend that old civilization’s highest achievements.

We live in the a time of decline and fall on one hand and genesis to new dawn on the other hand. Most people are only tangentially aware of the decline and fall, rather fewer are even vaguely aware of the new dawn. But the princely families, and please don’t take this analogy too literally, of the new kingdoms which will exist after the new civilization emerges will arise mostly from the noble few who both see and act on the vision of a new dawn.

If you want to be among the princely families, if you want to secure noble standing for your progeny (both biological and spiritual), then you need to be among the vanguard of people who adopt the new civilization in its ideals and principles. This is the urgent call of the hour: to choose and adopt the new paradigm and participate in building the alt parallel structures of the new civilization.

It is admirable people are trying to save the West and their ongoing work is still essential insofar as it actually sowes the seeds of the new civilization.

For us Upadarians, saving the West is not so much our focus as preserving the best elements and ideas through their inspiration for the new civilization, whose ideals and principles will go further, in a positive way, then the high-water mark of the old civilization.

Loss of economic opportunity, higher prices, lack of supplies, woke cancel culture depravity, being canceled, and increasing authoritarianism are SYMPTOMS of the collapse of culture and the replacement of the organic social fabric with a top-down hierarchical system of absolute control. If we wish to PRESERVE the core ideal and the values we associate with Western Civilization in its prime, we must consider the path of deliberately creating a new form and expression of nationhood as the vanguard people of a new civilization.

The new paradigm honors those from the past, it is a continuum of advancing human civilization, and those who adopt it have the best chance ever to escape the baneful effects of the decline and fall of Western Civilization. As Western Civilization is either present all over the world or deeply influential, its translation from a civilization whose arc of progress is toward universal freedom and prosperity to one whose arc is a return to archaic authoritarianism and corruption it will cause upheaval and ruin all over the world!

The quicker the new paradigm is adopted and the more prevalent it becomes among the people, the easier will be the transition and the less pain those lands and/or national peoples will experience.

Sometimes our rhetoric about the old civilization may seem like a refutation of Western Civilization. We refute the present state of that civilization, we reject a paradigm that must lead to debauchery, loss of our social fabric, loss of freedom, prevalence of poverty, and the emergence of a Caear figure.

Atomization of the individual, destruction of kinship and community founded upon faith and mutual self-reliance, the redefining of the marital household outside millenia of marital orthodoxy, libertinism, “woke” cancel culture extremism, corporate-government collusion that enriches the few at the expense of the many, pitting groups against each other, and all the such are betrayals of the best ideas and the spirit of Western Civilization!

All these things are piling up on each other to create an unsafe, unhealthy, and anti-freedom environment which the average person who still respects the ancient orthodoxy will increasingly struggle to navigate and thrive within. Essentially, it gets to a point where if you stubbornly refuse to betray your sacred beliefs and values you will not be able to thrive in this system or you may be canceled and utterly ruined.

The natural instinct to fight, to try to turn back the clock, or to somehow overturn the powers that be through the election of your own heroic leader, will tend to lead many down rabbit trails that go nowhere.

In the original spiritual experience of the First Founder of our spiritual nation, the pathway envisioned was similar to that described by great historians like Toynbee.

Toynbee described this withdrawal to regroup and rally among the pioneers of the new civilization as the only viable response to the emergence of Caesarism.

The First Founder foresaw the emergence of an intentional spiritual nationality adopted by people as individuals who then form groups and associations, namely a reconstitution of the ancient extended multi-family household kinship community (oikos). These become a globally-distributed commonwealth and sow the seeds of a new civilization whose ideals are adopted by other national peoples and even by landed sovereignties.

Perhaps then this was no coincidence as the First Founder was not aware of any of these historians or the concepts and principles of historiology.

We should then look to the future with a positive point of view, albeit with a strong awareness of the dangers that confront us during these unstable times. We should realize that in embracing a new nationality as the vanguard people of a new civilization that we are also preserving the best things about the old civilization and carrying them into a more glorious future.

Pictured: what an Estate for a kinship group of around 3-5 marital households and connected single adults might look like as the new structures of the new civilization come into physical being.