You are not woke if you think people should be punished for stating things you don’t agree with or denying the veracity of your claims. If you think anyone who thinks the marital household of a mom and dad and their own children is far superior to any other form of marriage/family then you are not woke. If your rights must include boycotting, shaming, shunning, canceling, or punishing people who will never agree with your alt-gendered theories, then you are not woke.

Woke is the attainment of open-mindedness, independence, tolerance, and a passion for seeing every human being be free and prosperous. It is a passion for equal treatment and opportunity that leaves nobody behind who is willing to pursue success and happiness through hard work or anyone who is disabled and unable to work hard. Woke seeks peace and liberty without favor or discrimination for every single human being.

Woke knows that the end never justifies the means. It knows that using authoritarianism and hatred to advance even social justice is archaic and regressive. Woke knows that forcing anyone to parrot your theories and ideas is really just totalitarian backwardness.

All you parrots invoking all the very ideas being pushed by every institution, major corporation, and media establishment think you are edgy and progressive and you imagine you are somehow an underdog coming against an evil establishment. You are the establishment and your flaky, famtastical alt-gendered ideas are merely part of an effort to destroy our social fabric and transform our country into an authoritarian one-party regime. You are digging the grave of your own liberty and prosperity and you are foreclosing your own future.

There are real problems of inequality and injustice which the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights can address and solve if we, finally, seek their fulfillment en toto for all human beings in this land. But the phony wokatariate are attacking these things and seeking a form of totalitarian top-down control which treats anyone who remains faithful to millenia of useful and beneficial sociocultural constructs as a domestic terrorist. You are the baddies!

The AUTHORITARIAN OVERREACH of lockdowns and mandates is NOT justified on the basis of the true nature of this pandemic. These lockdowns have enriched the ruling class and made us all serfs. The great reset has occurred and while you pursue alt-gendered faux wokatariate propaganda and bogeyman fears, your very liberty and livelihood are being buried. It is no coincidence the alt-gendered wokists are also passionate advocates for lockdowns and mandates and push the establishment’s narrative that the unvaccinated are a grave threat, as in “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

We who are woke are not wedded to an unchangeable past nor obsessed with a fantastical, utopian future. We are woke to the real state of affairs, the real power dynamic, and to the need to see the high-water mark of freedom and happiness that was obtained for some Americans now be fulfilled for all Americans.

We know that reverting to the archaic totalitarian ideas of the 20th century, or ancient imperialism, in the name of justice or anything else is not “woke” and all the phony wokatarians who parrot these orchestrated top-down ideas are not woke, they are MINIONS AND SERFS on a corpostate plantation.

We are the true woke. We may call ourselves liberal or conservative, we may be Democrats or Republicans, or Independents, but we are wed to the notion that we cannot advance the equal achievement of freedom and prosperity for all by reverting to archaic authoritarianism.

We know that exploring new ideas and technology doesn’t ipso facto demand we discard or dishonor the past, even though it is imperfect and the advancement of the spirit and intent of our liberty has been inconsistent and uneven, and not shared fairly and justly with all. We know that if our ideas demand punishing those who reject them, even of that punishing is unofficial and limited to just shunning people for wrongspeak, then our ideas are bad ideas.

To be woke doesn’t equate to parroting all the nonsense about an alt-gendered atomized future sans the social fabric of marital households and kinship-based communities founded upon faith and shared values through freewill participation alone. To be woke is to recongize that even though we believe the marital household and kinship-based communities founded on faith and shared convictions are the future of human civilization, this must be acheived through freewill participation alone and cannot include punishing or shaming anyone who doesn’t agree.

The advance of human civilization looks like absolute personal, familial, kinship, and local autonomy so that the socioeconomic and sociocultural norms and standards which most govern your life are based on freewill participation with people and associations of your own choosing.

The revelation that top-down hierarchical systems of command and control are always bad and should always be avoided is the true heart of being woke, just as an embracing of all human beings as dignified and free persons deserving of respect and humane treatment, along with equality of liberty, opportunities, and treatment is also essential to being truly woke.

The faux wokatariate isn’t truly woke. It’s ideas and, more importantly, both its practices and its leaders, are simply pushing archaic barbarism as a means of creating an authoritarian state as the god of every human being. Many earnest people parroting these party lines, while sincerely claiming independence of thought, have no idea how they have become deconstructed into atomized alt-gendered or non-gendered, but overly sexualized, serfs and pawns slaving away on the corpostate plantation.

You are not woke. You are fast alsleep in a matrix. You are being spoon-fed “edgy” notions about sexuality and gender, “institutional racism” (a claim made by EVERY major institution to justify authoritarian measures), and other bogeyman fears, to appeal to your own ego and desire to find purpose. Meanwhile, you are helping to build the architecture of tyranny which, one day, will turn on you and clap you in chains!