We envision building an “intentional city” called “Riqueday City, USA” as a haven for freedom, justice, and equitable prosperity in a self-sustaining and mutually beneficial society. This city won’t be in one single location, but, rather, it will be distributed WITHIN the communities throughout the greater Twin Tiers area straddling the PA/NY border.

Riqueday City, USA would be a distributed city, privately administered on a free market basis by an area chapter organization for a Christian mutual benefit and refugee support society. It will likely evolve into a city of over 100,000 eCitizens with over 15,000 acres of land distributed in parcels ranging from .25 to 1200 acres distributed here and there among the communities of the greater Twin Tiers.

This city would be 100% self-sustaining for all basis life needs in an eco-friendly way and have its own internal economy based on a fair and equitable free market with an emphasis on participory ownership, cooperatives, mutual assurance, and entrepreneurialism.

Riqueday City, USA will be a refuge for people seeking sanctuary from abuse, life-controlling addictions, racism and bigotry, persecution, war, famine, and corruption. Facilities to minister to people in crisis, asylees, and other refugees would be distributed throughout with local chapter communities serving them and integrating them into society.

The end-goal for Riqueday City, USA is a free and pluralistic society of equals with liberty and justice for all and without favoritism or prejudice. eCitizens, called Upo, would all be considered equal, precious, and valuable human beings created in the image of God.

The builders and administrators of this intentional city will be drawn from among individuals who are called to become peers of a globally-distributed spiritual nation called Upadaria, whose core values and way of life were forged in the Biblical precepts and Kingdom Essentials of historic Christian doctrinal and ethical orthodoxy.

While the primary stakeholders of this distributed intentional city will be drawn from these peers, the city will serve fellow peers of our spiritual nation, fellow Christians in the service area, fellow freedom seekers, people in need of refuge, and all of our fellow citizens regardless of race, religion, or anything else.