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How To PROTECT Your Values and Freedom In An Authoritarian Culture

If you recognize that Western Civilization has become morally and spiritually deranged and you don't recognize how your lifestyle might be thereby influenced then you are probably in your own delusional bubble. If you think you can be a solo actor, a lone wolf, and maintain your own cultural convictions in a society that...
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Leftism IS NOT Totalitarianism

There is a sense on the right that the the left's alt-gendered rainbow definitions of marriage and family are the cause, or least the vehicles, of an emerging totalitarianism. We do not believe this is so or that the bent toward totalitarianism is limited to any idea, be it orthodoxy or unorthodox. Let us...
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A Pandemic of Lies and Authoritarian Oppression

America's latest aspirant to Caesar's crown, one Joseph Biden, loves to talk about a "pandemic of the unvaccinated." But the real pandemic is a pandemic of lies and authoritarian oppression, as witnessed in part in this undercover video. In this video, it becomes clear that, in this Federal hospital that allegedly serves the Native...
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Building A Nationwide Support Structure For Freedom Builders!

People struggle to build freedom mostly because they lack a support structure that gives them connections, activities, and resources that cater to them. The support structures of our present sociocultural and socioeconomic system benefit the rulers and corall and manage the serfs, they are not designed to promote or facilitate things like virtue, liberty, and
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America As A Commonwealth of Freedom

If you truly want a free country, a Commonwealth of Freedom, start by repealing the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act, both in 1913, the year our republic died but it took this long for that death to look obvious. Anybody who isn't serious about these things isn't serious about saving freedom from our