There is a sense on the right that the the left’s alt-gendered rainbow definitions of marriage and family are the cause, or least the vehicles, of an emerging totalitarianism. We do not believe this is so or that the bent toward totalitarianism is limited to any idea, be it orthodoxy or unorthodox.

Let us examine the issue of the alt-culture versus our more historic cultural orthodoxy.

Let us stipulate that for many there is a strong conviction that men and women were created to be conjoined and complimentary and their lifelong matetnal bond is meant to reflect the Divine order between God and humanity. We generally beleive it is the ideal of an advanced culture that children mostly all be raised mostly by their own biological parents in connection with a larger kinship community based on shared identity and ideals.

This truth, if you see it as truth, need not censor the idea that marriage is merely a transactional and impermanent union between any .two humans who have attraction to each other and derive pleasure from each other. Those who embrace this can freely follow this. But today’s purveyors of this SEEM to have deemed themselves to be authorized to shun, shame, cancel, and punish those who not only insist on the truthfulness of historic familial orthodoxy but who dare to both live this and govern their own relationships and associations on this basis.

It is no longer the alternative marital, familial, sexuality, and now also gender concepts that wish merely to be tolerated, it is now that these ideas, or some of the loudest and most influential and powerful people advancing them, that demand that all who disagree with this “evolution” be sidelined and all voices that do not applaud this “evolution” be silenced.

If there ever seemed to be evidence that the alt-culture that defies historic orthodoxy is a lie, it is the fact so many of its most powerful advocates don’t think these alternative ideas are able to freely thrive WITHOUT silencing anything contradictory. But this is too simple: people who have also adhered to historic cultural orthodoxy have also used a heavy hand to silence and punish those who wish to test and challenge that orthodoxy.

It is less the ideas, be they orthodoxy as we might embrace it or these fantastical experimental alternatives, that are the problem, or the solution, than it is the tendency to suppress others and to create a monoculture by force. In short, totalitarianism is wildly varied, as in it may use any truth or alternative ideas, but its common thread is that culture itself must be maintained by the whip hand of a top-down hierarchical system of control.

Today’s totalitarians are loudest and most powerful on the “left”, specifically under banners like social justice, racial equality through “white shaming”, and the alt-gendered rainbow. But these ideas would be harmless to any save those who adhere to them if the only way they were advanced was through freewill participation on a strictly voluntary basis.

But totalitarian leanings are not limited to the “left”, and conflating the ideas of this alt-culture with totalitarianism is to miss the point. Embracing non-orthodox concepts of marriage and family doesn’t make one a totalitarian and embracing historic cultural orthodoxy doesn’t prevent one from acting in a totalitarian manner.

Totalitarianism, the bent toward using coercive force to advance your idea and suppress others, can use any justification, any idea, as its basis.