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How To PROTECT Your Values and Freedom In An Authoritarian Culture

If you recognize that Western Civilization has become morally and spiritually deranged and you don’t recognize how your lifestyle might be thereby influenced then you are probably in your own delusional bubble. If you think you can be a solo actor, a lone wolf, and maintain your own cultural convictions in a society that is hostile to your faith, then you are deceived.

If you want to be free and to prosper, you must consider your own lifestyle choices first. If you want to change your lifestyle to fit real needs and truth, you must build a strong support system of mutual care and even accountability that is never forced and that always promotes YOUR happiness. If you don’t radically change your way of life, all your efforts to fight back against the growing storm of authoritarianism will fail!

Your atomized life with a small circle of support and care, confined mostly to your own house, without a strong and connected community of other people who share your values is a severe limitation on your potential.

On one hand, you recognize that the prevailing culture has become sordid and practically barbaric, without a moral compass or real respect for moral and ethical standards that might affirm life and promote human dignity. This culture is confused, childish, savage, and corrupt to its core and you know it is.

But you haven’t thought through WHY it is so. You can point to religious and philosophical norms and ideas that have been tossed aside in favor of utopian, outlandish, and fantastical alternative theories. But these outlandish and nonsensical experimental ideas spawned from structural realities, namely the atomization of nuclear families into islands as small as each individual house. Now we see the redefining and impermanence of even nuclear families and of marriage itself as a transactional relationship for self-satisfaction, mostly revolving around what pleasures you sexually and then emotionally at a shallow level.

The atomization of nuclear families and then of individuals who are all disconnected islands has allowed the void of sociocultural self-government at the local level to be filled by larger-scale top-down hierarchical systems, like monopolistic crony corporations and the overreaching state until what has emerged to control culture, and your life, is a crony corpostate system.

We submit that the large familial community of around 120 adults who enjoy a high degree of organic cohesiveness and who revolve around the basic idea that children ought to be raised by their own biological parents within the maternal enclosure of a close-knit village-like community of related people is the ideal fractal of human civilization itself. Indeed, true advanced culture is based only on such arrangements but our culture has created legal and financial impediments and mental roadblocks to developing and maintaining such familial fractals.

Your lifestyle is an atomized lifestyle without connections or accountability to others who both share your values and genuinely root for your happiness, well-being, prosperity, and success. You have likely not experienced this kind of warm and loving embrace and absolute acceptance for long periods of time by more than a few people.

The outlandish and foolhardy notions of this present culture and its utter spiritual backwardness didn’t CAUSE this atomization. This atomization, which really begins in the 1950s lifestyle where nuclear families in suburbia became disconnected from larger familial communities, is where the outlandish experimental notions came from.

When people cluster together using this basic assumption that children ought to be raised by their own biological parents, or adopted parents as the case may be, they don’t wander off the cliff of rationality to explore these fringe lunatic notions. It is the loss of familial community at scale, again around 120 adults in some form of relational connection of shared beliefs and values, that has generated destructive negative ideas.

Atomization has decimated our capacity to reason and think rationally and morally. We have abandoned our historic heritage, all the hard-won lessons of our ancestors, and forfeited our future and that of our progeny, condemning them to a life of servility where their only “freedom” is the ability to itch their more base and shallow animal lusts.

We thought, collectively, that disconnecting from larger familial communities made us less mutually accountable and therefore more free. But we see, the way the largest-scale structures of a power mad corpostate dictate to us far exceeds any “control” we image a extended family within a close-knit community might “control” you through mutual accountability to common standards and norms.

To rebel against a culture in moral and spiritual decline is not so much about arguing against its outlandish level of confusion or the corporate and political regimen of control. No, to rebel against this culture one must make a conscious choice to CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE.

Herein lies the problem: the people we are related to by blood are not necessarily willing to join you in this lifestyle change and are also not necessarily likely to have your shared values and beliefs. Basically, trying to reconstitute the social fabric of family as we understand it (the nuclear family in one house or apartment), the extended family, and the familial village isn’t possible for most people if you are limited to people you are related to by blood.

The phrase we use for the quality that defines and connects these village-like familial communities is “organic cohesiveness.” Organic cohesiveness is a quality of interdependence and connectedness that comes from the heart, it isn’t dictated or imposed, it is something you desire and want because it embraces you and affirms you without controlling you. Seeking affirmation with people whose core beliefs and identity do not reflect your own faith and convictions is generally a fool’s errand, they may generally accept you and affirm you at some level but it won’t ever be as deep and warm as that which people of a shared identity based on deeply shared beliefs, values, and convictions can enjoy together.

This doesn’t mean we should stop being connected to others and let them challenge our beliefs or navigate a pluralistic society and revel in its diversity. Outside of this need for a true maternal enclosure one must realize that uniformity and an aversion to opposing ideas or challenging ideas is death to any culture. Pluralism is essential to inventiveness and competitive advancement.

The pluralism we speak of isn’t just how each individual may be different. No, the pluralism we speak of is the diversity of familial communities of around 120 or so adults who can cohabitate a city or area within many different such communities, cheek by jowl, and engage in mutual exchanges that respect and uplift human dignity. Competition and freedom will sort out the familial and community notions that bring the most happiness to human beings, as opposed to top-down sociocultural diktat from corrupt corpostate systems.

The larger scale connection of similar communities distributed throughout a land, not as the sole sociocultural body of people but as a distinct body of people, is what we call spiritual nationhood. This is a meta identity that connects vast numbers of people with the same organic cohesiveness spoken of for these familial villages. It isn’t necessarily, or usually, necessary, for this nationality of people to be the sole nationality within a given land. In a free and pluralistic society there are diverse communities of people and many are part of diverse meta identities or nationalities. It is diversity layered within diversity but all within plurality.

We cannot in any way compel anyone to adopt  this concept, which we call nationhood at the meta scale and kinship community at the local scale. Likewise, even if they agree in principle with this concept, we cannot compel them to adopt our particular form of nationhood, which we call “Upadaria.”

Upadaria is a nationality whose ideals, principles, and practices will tend to make you more free, happy, prosperous, and successful in your own life. This nationality can be adopted by any human being who loves God and who has a heart to reach the nations for Yeshua. If you adopt this nationality and use its ideas you will begin to transcend the surrounding culture and escape its artificial constraints on your own fulfillment.

You NEED a strong support structure of people who share your beliefs and values if you are going to be able to be free and prosper AND maintain your values! That is, in a nutshell, what “nationhood” does for you, it provides the spiritual and intellectual ideas/norms that make the creation of such supportive communities readily possible and scalable.

Our approach is not to try and reform or control society through corporate or political power that forces people. Our approach is to unilaterally build what we envision, namely a shared form of nationhood as the basis of re-creating the lost maternal enclosure of these kinship communities.

We desire a lifestyle change that builds a lost life in modern form because this life of individual sovereignty balancing interdependence for mutual profit is advanced culture while the present culture is barbaric, savage, primitive, and archaically backwards.

What the Upadaria Platform will do for its subscribers, in part, is enable them to find local people who deeply share their values and who desire to form community on the basis of those values and in defense of a Christian way of life, even in an authoritarian cultural setting that opposed this way of life.

People say it’s HARD to find people they can trust, who share their values and beliefs, AND who are willing to actually make the kind of mutual commitment needed to build a solid support system that helps you in times of trouble, defends your way of life, and protects your rights, person, and property from harm. Through both the Upadaria Platform and the adoption of this shared identity/nationality, it will be much easier to find such people who have been vetted and proven to be reliable trustworthy, and compatible with your own Christian worldview and way of life.

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