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Analysis: Tools of the Trade – The Return of Industrial Warfare

Originally, this article was going to be considerably different, until research suddenly swerved in a different direction. That direction is to reinforce a fundamental military truth: Artillery was, is, remains and will remain, the "King of Battle." The original concept for this article was an examination of towed 120mm mortar systems, specifically as used...
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Analysis: Tools Of The Trade – Apples And Oranges

        As First-World States Amp Up Their High Tech, The Opposition Sticks To Basics   Over the last hundred years or so, uncountable amounts of money have been spent by various countries, to develop ever more sophisticated weapons and vehicles, many times, almost literally reinventing the wheel. The latest gargantuan expenditures...
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Little Gray Men — Or, How An Improbable Series Of Events Unhinged The World

    Recently, the New York Times, working with Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Rukmini Callimachi, spent fifteen months unpacking a trove of over fifteen thousand internal documents of the so-called "Islamic State", painstakingly assembled over the course of a five trips to Iraq over the span of a year.   The documents are fascinating, intriguing...and...