Enemies of Israel aided by U.S Consulate in Israel

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US Consulate In Jerusalem Aids Hamas Collaborators

Caught Red-Handed Escorting A Hamas Collaborator Into Jewish Communities

In what is a clear violation of the internal sovereignty of a foreign country, US officials from the American consulate in Jerusalem were photographed escorting a leftist, pro-Arab activist named Hagit Ofran driving into Jewish communities and snapping pictures. US officials are unhappy with the internal policies of Israel, including allowing Jews to build homes in Jerusalem itself, although no such concerns exist where Arabs are building homes.

The anti-Jewish American policy is being enforced by a program of sending US diplomatic officials into Israel itself, escorted by leftist political activists, to take pictures and generally spy on Israeli communities. The information gathered is provided not only to official channels, and used to put political pressure on the elected government which is pursuing policies supported by their voters, but this information also ends up in the hands of radical leftist groups, fringe groups who are pro-Arab, and in the hands of Israel’s Arab enemies, like Hamas and Fatah.

The Peace Now activist, Peace Now is a pro-Arab, and anti-Jewish left-wing fringe group operating in Israel, was photographed in her car being officially escorted by a US consulate vehicle. Both vehicles were seen stopping, with their occupants, including the Peace Now activist and the US officials, talking and taking pictures of details of the communities in question. Access to some of these communities is restricted to member only, for security reasons, and the Peace Now activist would not normally gain entrance, however under a protocol the US has apparently established with Jerusalem, US officials are permitted inside these communities and they are using their diplomatic access to spy in Jews and to provide a means for political activists who oppose the settlements and who collaborate with groups like Fatah and Hamas, to gain access.

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