Harry Reid v Sharon Angle

Harry Reid v Sharon Angle

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Has it Come To BLOWS?

Before you read the story, look at the way Reid Supporters treat Sharon Angle at the Forum, if you have any doubt who the thugs were in this affair.  Note the beginning of this video how Reid’s Liberal goons laughed at Sharron Angle when she said the business community creates jobs.  That’s right, the Libtards think it’s hilarious to believe businesses, and not nanny government create jobs:

A local news report about an alleged brawl between liberals and conservatives at a forum in which Harry Reid (the liberal incumbent Senator from Nevada) and Sharon Angle, the conservative candidate challenging Reid in 2010 election, were present for a forum is indicative of the growing chasm between the dominant minority, the liberals of the Political Class, and the conservative majority who are newly awakening to their true political and economic power, and who are fed up with seeing national institutions behave in a manner that serves the agenda of the liberal minority at the expense of the conservative majority.

It is this awakening of the “proletariat”, the classes that have larger numbers but who have little real power, to their potential and to the danger that the dominant minority, the “ruling elite” or “Political Class”, pose to their freedom and their way of life, that portends the unravelling of a society in the days before the old gives way to the new.

The liberal advocate claim that an Angle supporter tried to block one of them from leaving when the liberals decided, after having heard their liberal candidate speak, to show their utter disdain for the People and the other candidate, the conservative candidate, by getting up and walking out in a rude manner. There was no way to verify this story one way of another, but in the end, two of the liberals had to pulled off a conservative, who suffered minor injuries in the scuffle.

The local media’s version of the report is here: http://www.lvrj.com/news/fight-erupts-at-reid–angle-election-forum-103685344.html

The liberal Political Class has not quite yet fathomed the notion that the conservative majority amongst the “Country Class” is no longer willing to accept or allow the dismantling of the constitutional republic that they believe is rooted in a freedom based on virtue, thrift, and independence, and which is not compatible with a socialist welfare state with a dominant liberal minority controlling all the national institutions and enacting laws, policies, and the such against the wishes, consent, and interest of the People.

The attempt to shut down the first amendment and give the federal power the so-called authority to regulate “everything that emits CO2” is an example of how the liberal Political Class thinks that as long as they have the patina of “law” by going through the motions of a “vote” in a chamber that is populated by extremely unpopular legislators, they can make anything they want stick, regardless of the laws of the Nation, including the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, which necessarily prohibit such acts by ANY legislative, judicial, or executive body in America.

The liberal Political Class is basing its calculus for creating strategies and tactics on the politics of the last century, completely ignoring the new and emerging reality that the People want to govern themselves and are no longer willing to sit idly by while liberal Political Elites try to take every last ounce of their governance, their wealth, and their very dignity from them all for the good of a minority of people, the liberal Political Class, whose sentiments and interests are opposed to the sentiments and interests of the People.

Just how much all of this went into the alleged brawl, which the local liberal media covered mostly from the perspective of the liberal Political Class, is not absolutely clear, but what is becoming more and more clear is that attempting to cut off avenues of peaceful redress and peaceful dissent by shunning, censoring, or trying to outlaw opposition speech is not going to be accepted passively. The fact that the liberal Political Class are not willing to admit this and modify their behavior in a civil and decent manner could lead to more such incidents, all of which will be reported by the liberal media as if the perpetrators on the side of the liberal Political Class are the victims.

Read the local coverage- http://www.lvrj.com/news/fight-erupts-at-reid–angle-election-forum-103685344.html