September 30, 2023

19 thoughts on “The Chris Coons Project- how Tweed Park Project gave to the rich and took the property of the working class- Delaware News

  1. More lies! Got to love it….no facts all opinions! Oh it was such a big deal it never made the local papers like the “News Journal”. Search Delaware On Line which is their web site….. nice try!

    1. There are links to public meetings, public records documenting how this Ruling Class boondoggle we call the Chris Coons Project was funded and WHO it benefited..if the Delaware Jouranlists feel no need to report on something as alarming as a democrat who robs from the poor to give to the rich (something I thought the GOP was accused of doing) then that is for them to question their OWN journalistic integrity

    1. Indeed Ken, it’s only my OPINION that we see a nice, cozy relationship between a group of people who are getting themsekves paid at your expense, I mean, I didn’t even include notes from meetings they attended..wait, yes I did. When will the liberals ever learn that if all you got is “you stink, you have cooties” they will lose? Chris Coons is a rich elitist, period. Get over it.

      1. Well do the math 65% registered Democrats and growing here in Delaware! So we’ll see! Oh and the Independents are more left leaning so you might want to find a different state to put your political agenda in!

  2. “Coons raised Property Taxes in New Castle County by 58% in 3 years?” why is this number different from you article “Chris Coons Tax Record as County Executive of New Castle County- Delaware News”

    Let’s see if you can do the math my property taxes were $1,282.75 in 2007 and now I pay in 2010 are $1,359.86….. WOW that’s definitely a 58% increase ….please go back to school! Let’s see that’s about 10% maybe in 3 years! NICE FACTS…….. try again!

    1. The reference is the average increase for new Castle County homeowners, not for you specifically…but…nice try
      5% increase in 2007
      17% increase in 2008
      25% increase in 2009
      YOU do the Math!

    2. Ken, you are a master at using anecdotal evidence from your own narrow experience. he raised the RATE by 58% overall, but this does not mean YOUR individual taxes went up if your property lost value. OR did you get a sweetheart deal?

      It is so fun seeing someone who doesn’t mind being a tax farm for rich elites who once called themselves Marxists but who are in reality just shills for government sponsored capitalists.

  3. “NOTE- the “club” is IN THE PARK and pretty much its members are now the primary users….”

    That’s not true. I live in Hockessin, and I can assure you that the public park gets a great deal of use by the local residents. I have never been a member of the “HAC” (as we call it here) but my kids have played soccer games in the public park many, many times. Go there on a Saturday morning or a weekday afternoon and see how crowded it is.

    The HAC has dedicated the upper level of their parking garage for public use. Also, the nature trail through the parl gets a lot of use from local runners and walkers. Overall, this park is a very good addition to our community, and I appreciate Chris Coons’ focus on maintaining and improving public recreational space in this county.

    I am a big believer in limited government, and I think that the management of parks and open space is a worthwhile role of government, especially at the local level. Chris Coons has done a good job in this regard.

    1. Thanks “dad”, it’s good to get input from people who are on site. The gist of our report is related to the process, less than the details of how the site is used now, and how the site developer was able to get paid two times for the same thing.

      However, your input adds more dimension to the story, and we thank you much for that!

  4. This is not isolated or unique. If it had not happened in Delaware it would never have raised an eyebrow. Come to Los Angeles, if you want some real elitism.

  5. Coons raised property taxes but they still remain the lowest in the region! Tax on a $100,000 home is up $246/yr.

    The recession that started in December 2007 hit home sales in New Castle County hard. In large part, the NCC budget is funded by the real estate transfer tax, revenue from which also dropped precipitously.

    Coons balanced the budget by spending $64 million in reserves and $100 million in cuts over 6 years, in addition to increasing tax on real estate.

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