September 24, 2023

9 thoughts on “Patriotism is Racism and genocidal endorsement, so says University of Illinois Administrator- Freedom News

  1. Liberal Jihadists are people who are at war against America. WHY are they at war? They don’t LIKE the fact that America was founded along the lines of Christian beliefs and concepts like freedom through virtue, thrift, and independence. They prefer the worldview of the social democrats in Europe- that you can create an ideal state of being in society by managing for results through government intervention. They see the world as a single entity, like Nimrod who wanted to unite all men UNDER his reign. For them, America, as a free and sovereign Christian society is the chief obstacle to the achievement of their globalist and liberal agenda!

    1. He is just another member of the old, stodgy, wannabe hippie, liberal establishment. The establishment that controls most universities and media and govt agencies and the societal decisions of what is acceptable social viewpoints or politically correct thought. For some reason this establishment can not stand an american youth that is proud of their culture and history. This stodgy establishment wants young americans to feel guilty about the fruits of their parents and grandparents labor. This establishment wants young americans to not learn their real history and embrace a proud american culture. At the same time this establishment wants young americans to experience and embrace the “real” beauty of foreign cultures and support foreign cultural events here in the usa such as ethnic parades in new york city.
      This establishment fears and gets uncomfortable when young americans respond to questions about their ancestry with the response that they are just American and love their American culture. This establishment wants us to say we are irish or italian or german and say that there is no real american culture and feel guilty for the quality of life that we have and be clueless about real american and world history.
      All Americans need to rebel against this establishment and their PC police. We need to embrace our culture and be proud of all the great inventions and quality of life improvements made by americans since our founding. All the great assistance and charity we have provided around the world. America has a lot more to be proud of than not. We need to love our history and culture and love all the effort our parents,grandparents etc….have made to give us such a nice life. We need to stop dividing ourselves among ethnic lines. We are NOT irish and german and spanish etc…..perhaps our ancestors were. We are americans and that is why they migrated here. We have our own beautiful culture to be proud of. We shouldn’t let these people divide and conquer us. Have no guilt, we are Americans and have lots to be proud of. The so called “native americans” were hundreds of very different tribes of people with different languages and customs…they also migrated to this land from elsewhere. So stop believing the estblishment line that we are foreigners and they are rreal americans. We are americans with a common language and customs to be proud of.

  2. You are a somniferous IDIOT and the reason this country is being dragged down to a third-world nation. Shame on YOU for polluting our higher education system with your swill! If you don’t like our ideals, why don’t you LEAVE. Russia or Communist China will welcome you with open arms.

  3. What a putz this Green is. I am listening to him now on radio on The Michael Medved Show, whining about “drunken students” at a football game chanting “USA USA” when some jets flew overhead. Medved is a former liberal from the 60s who woke up, something these retarded academics stuck in our university systems can never do, because they are too arrogant. I will do more research to see how far back his stupidity goes, or whether he made up his bona fides to be a leftist professor, like Ward Churchill.

  4. I am ashamed to be a University of Illinois graduate thanks to this scumbag piece of sh_t! I have made considerable monetary contributions (tens of thousands) to the UofI education department, but that has stopped as of today – and will not resume until this useless piece of trash,”Dr.” David Green is gone from our beloved university!

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