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Patriotism is Racism and genocidal endorsement, so says Liberal Jihadist and University of Illinois Professor- Freedom News

William R Collier Jr

Alumni Denounce University of Illinois Anti-American Propaganda-

David Green Comes Out With The Anti-Colonialism Agenda of The University of Illinois

Parents, students, and American Patriots who do not buy into a neo-Marxist/anti-colonialism worldview are incensed that a member of the University of Illinois administration is parroting the lies and propaganda used by America’s enemies to recruit people into terror cells.

The administration staff member, from the University of Illinois, denounced college students for chanting “USA, USA, USA!” during a 911 observance at a college football game, accusing what he called “the mostly white” and “privileged” crowd of murder and imperialism.

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Describing himself as a “University Academic Professional”, David Green made his anti-American pronouncements on dailyilini.com, where commentators revealed that he is a research assistant: Green, David L Institute of Govt & Pub Affairs — University Administration

dlgreen@illinois.edu RESEARCH AND POLICY SPEC, Institute of Govt & Pub Affairs — University Administration

Reaction from angry alumni has been swift and strong, with many saying they will not be donating any more money to their alma mater until Green is, as one commentator put it, “dealt with by the administration.”

One commentator, embarrassed that the Daily Illini, a student run newspaper, would publish such patently hateful and deceptive comments, said:

“What an embarrassment that the DI actually put this garbage up for people to see.  A student newspaper since 1871, and they print this trash that probably wouldn’t even get a hit on the National enquirer…..I think the comments here by others already sum up what a compete jackass you look like Mr. Green….. I hope you enjoy the hits you’re probably getting on this piece, because after this I have a feeling a whole lot of people are not going to be clicking on or reading your nonsense.”

While the Daily Illini is a student run newspaper, Green, who is not a professor but who represented himself as a University Academic Professional, and who is part of the administration, could very well be representing the equivalent of the “editorial policy” of the department he works within as a “research and policy specialist.” Considering his radical anti-colonialism views, which mirror President Obama’s father, the President, and Senate hopeful Chris Coons, the question left unanswered is: does the University of Illinois use taxpayer dollars and parent’s tuition money to fund the sort of research and policy that leads to such anti-American hate speech? Additionally, does such a policy tend to create an environment of anti-Americanism as would encourage students to join terrorist organizations?

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Green’s semi-official policy statement read, in part,

“The overwhelmingly white, privileged, Block-I students should be ashamed of their obnoxious, fake-macho, chicken-hawk chant, while poverty-drafted members of their cohort fight and die in illegal and immoral wars for the control of oil. University administrators need to eliminate from all events such ‘patriotic’ observances, which in this country cannot be separated from implicit justifications for state-sponsored killing.”

The Freedomist wants to know: is this statement reflective of the policies of the University and would an audit of this man’s work reveal that US taxpayers are paying for this kind of anti-American hate speech?

Beyond this, does YOUR candidate for Congress agree with this statement by David Green or are they willing to cut off funding from this so-called “University” until it rids its administration of terrorist-inspiring hate speech like this?

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Have any doubts about David Green being a Liberal Jihadist?  Check this story out:

David Green, Liberal Jihadist of University of Illinois, declares Holocaust a fraud

How David Green, the now infamous Acadaemic Professional of the University of Illinois who stated Americans were racists and murderour haters for chanting “USA”, is also an anti-semite.  Here are his own words

The Holocaust Industry Comes to the University of Illinois


In his 2000 book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, scholar and critic Norman Finkelstein convincingly argues three general points. First, since the 1967 war and Israel’s military alliance with the United States, the Nazi holocaust-a historical event-has become the Holocaust, a narrow and ideologically-driven Zionist interpretation of that genocide that has been used to justify Israeli and American policies, and aggrandize Jewish-American elites in the halls of power. Second, and concurrently since 1967, a Holocaust literature has evolved apart from credible historical scholarship about the Nazi holocaust, the former which is without scholarly merit and is often fraudulent. Holocaust literature, most notably that of Elie Wiesel, has propagated specious notions of the “uniqueness” of the Holocaust and the eternal nature of anti-Semitism, both of which serve to silence criticism of Israel. Third, Finkelstein elaborated the evidence for a “double shakedown” during the late 1990s by which both survivors of the Nazi holocaust and European governments (primarily Switzerland) were exploited by Jewish organizations seeking exorbitant amounts of monetary compensation, while being held to standards far beyond those to which either the U.S. or Israel has been held in relation to the bank holdings of survivors.

Here is a story about how remembering 9/11 victims is also racist, according to this rabid Liberal Jihadist now teaching your children how to think about their own country:

Liberal Jihadist calls 9/11 memorials Racist and inducing genocide

David Green, Liberal Jihadist and “Academic Proffessional” of The University of Illinois, writes a letter calling Americans RACIST for commemorating 9/11

read more about this Liberal Jihadist that teaches your children America is the Great Satan:


IN his own words:

Just read this letter written by David Green, and if you have been able to stomach it, I’ll have commentary at the bottom:

The vast majority of 9/11 observances in this country cannot be seen as politically neutral events. Implicit in their nature are the notions that lives lost at the World Trade Center are more valuable than lives lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere; that the motives of the 9/11 attackers had nothing to do with genuine grievances in the Islamic world regarding American imperialism; and that the U.S. has been justified in the subsequent killing of hundreds of thousands in so-called retaliation.

The observance at Saturday’s football game was no different. A moment of silence was followed by a military airplane flyover; in between, Block-I students chanted “USA, USA.” This was neither patriotism nor remembrance in any justifiable sense, but politicization, militarism, propaganda and bellicosity. The University is a public institution that encompasses the political views of all, not just the most (falsely) “patriotic.” Athletic planners should cease such exploitation for political purposes. They might at least consider how most Muslim students, American or otherwise, would respond to this nativist display; or better, Muslims and others that live their lives under the threat of our planes, drones and soldiers.

Read His Anti-semitic views on the Holocaust:

David Green, Liberal Jihadist of University of Illinois, declares Holocaust a fraud


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