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Is Chris Coons a reverse Robin Hood in democrat clothing?  Delaware Left accuses Chris Coons of soaking the poor and paying off the rich in a bad example of good government practices.
Green Delaware, A left-leaning, ‘good government’ activist site, may have just run the best reason why Independents, and even democrats should not vote for Chris Coons in the upcoming Delaware Senate Race, the current County Executive of New Castle County, Delaware.
Apparently, while the Political Class in the media attempt character assassination with Christine O’Donnell , they are missing some very real issues which speak to the very heart of the Coons candidacy, government integrity.  At a time when less Americans support Congress than support lowering the speed limit to 50 mph, this latest assault from within Chris Coons’ own base is more telling than any character assassination attempt in today’s voter climate.  From Green Delaware, here is the crucial quote that warrants second and third looks by the voters of Delaware;
Lets look at the other side:  The Democratic candidate is Chris Coons.  Coons, as I’ve written more than once, is a cockroach.  His term as New Castle County Executive has been marked by harassment of citizens and servility to developers and polluters.  He does a good-cop/bad-cop shuffle with Council President Paul Clark, but the two represent the same interests.”Paul Clark and Chris Coons evidently have some explaining to do to the Delaware Voters.  Why would Chris Coons stop his pandering to the Ruling Class money-holders if he becomes Senator of Delaware?  At the national level, the money handlers will have far more attractive offers for the venal Coons than the local Ruling Class can offer him at the county level.The Ruling Class Czar of New Castle County had recently proposed the largest tax hike in Delaware History the year before re-election.

From http://delawarelibertarian.blogspot.com/2009/03/new-castle-county-executive-chris-coons.html ,

On the heels of Wilmington Mayor Baker’s promise that the city government will raise “taxes, fees, and anything we can”, now comes blow # 2 to the double-taxed Wilmington residents, as well as a blow to all other home and property owners in New Castle County : a WHOPPING 25% increase in property tax rates.

Coons Seeks 25% Property Tax Hike
The News-Journal March 18, 2009

If approved by County Council, the tax hike would be the second biggest in county history and would raise an extra $21 million to help balance the $234 million budget for the 2010 fiscal year that begins July 1.

The average annual property tax bill would rise by about $100 to $501. Coons’ spending plan also calls for a 10 percent increase in sewer fees.

The overall budget reflects the impact of the recession, particularly in housing. The county has depended heavily for years on a share of the statewide real estate transfer tax to balance its budget. Revenues from that tax have plummeted as home sales swooned.

“I think we’ve just gone overboard — we’ve overspent,” said civic leader Frances West, noting that residents will have to adjust to having less. “It’s like raising kids. If you give them luxuries and then take them away, they’re not going to be happy.
 Coons’ spending plan would trim personnel costs by $4.8 million, an amount he said could be achieved by laying off 75 to 100 employees.
More from this site on Chris Coons’ own personal finances:


He is a personally very-rich Democrat, freshly-re-elected, making a tidy 6-figure paycheck on the public’s backs while trying to carve himself out an incumbency career in Delaware politics.

Property taxes are but pocket change to someone as wealthy as Coons. Coons lives at 2301 Delaware Avenue in a nearly-4200 square foot, 6-bedroom, 4-bath stone mansion that sits on nearly half an acre of land in the high-dollar Highlands neighborhood in Wilmington. To give you a sense of the value, the property sold in 1981 for $225,000.00. Of course, what Coons paid for it is masked by a deed that cleverly states a purely-nominal sale price of $ 10. 

The democratic party is supposed to be the party of the common man, the poor, the working class, yet Chris Coons seems far more interested in lining the pockets of his wealthy neighbors at the expense of the working class who will have to fund his extravagances, WHILE seeing services cut. 

We thank the Green Delaware, a “good government” site for exposing the fundamental bad government that Chris Coons represents, not by words, not by promises, but by deeds.