Soros- the face of the democrat party- the party of the billionaire

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If the GOP is the party of millionaires, then the democrat party has become the party of billionaires.

Why The Rich Are Often Leftists- William R Collier Jr

The wealthy are the last people you might expect to see leading movements that claim to support the working class,but the strange thong is that without the wealthy leftists the liberal movement in America would be dead. The money from George Soros and the wealthy people who voted for Obama are typical examples of how the liberal left has become the creation of elite billionaires and millionaires.

Read about Chris Coons and the mentality of the tax the poor and fund the ruling class democrats:

Chris Coons creates political slush fund from 58% property tax hikes http://j.mp/aC8Zpz

Why is this? Let me posit a few ideas: The rich like to enjoy a lifestyle free from moral encumbrances and they are loath to see their personal behavior ruin their reputation and hurt their wallets. By promoting moral relativism they escape serious scrutiny and can behave as they please.  The rich know that the poor, upon whose work their fortune rests, are less likely to complain or be a problem if they are both entertained and materially sustained.

Using moral relativism they can keep the poor focused on self indulgence rather than their sorry state.  Using hand-outs they can keep them still too poor to ever compete but not so poor that they riot.  Finally, using class or race warfare they can keep the poor focused on “the others” rather than their actual plight and the failure of the leadership.

The rich find nation-states to be quite an inconvenience. By reducing or eliminating trade barriers and by reducing the dominance of one or a few nation states they can raise the importance of non state entities, such as their corporations and foundations AND they can get around any national laws that curtail their ability to “buy low and sell high.”

The rich want to be able to control the political scene rather than being accountable to government or the will of People, so they tend to support judicial activism, top-down control of education, a liberal monopoly of the media, and keeping the poor in a state of ignorance.

There are probably other reasons you can cite for the trend amongst the really wealthy to be really liberal, but the point is that the very class that seems to be target of liberal rhetoric is the very class that is actually funding that rhetoric, which begs the question, “why?”

For the answer to that question I refer you to the above reasons plus any you may see.  What we must remember, however, is that when liberals talk about the rich not pulling their fair share and all that what they are doing is nothing more than a smoke screen: their policies tend not to hurt their rich patrons but, rather, the poor who are misled into believing their schemes and propaganda.