Christine O'Donnell set to repeat victory of primary- this time against Chris Coons

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Events on the ground in the first state, Delaware, are keeping pace with the nationwide collapse of the Obama coalition, which looks like another Christine O’Donnell upset over the establishment favorite.

While Gallup predicts a tsunami that will overwhelm the Democrats, which will drag down ALL the Democrat candidates, Hillbuzz reports that the internal polling amongst Democrats is trending towards an O’Donnell surge that could outpace the surge that brought her over the top in the primary against Mike Castle in the last week of that contest.
That’s not all. We have seen reliable polling that shows O’Donnell is within single digits, and Coons can’t break 50%. What is more, these polls rely on a turn-out model that is relatively conservative and, contrary to what pundits think, a much higher than normal turn-out could mean the polls are off by as much as 5-6 or more points. In the primary, most polls showed O’Donnell down by a few or tied, however she won by 6 points, a figure higher than most of the pre-vote polls and outside of their margin of error.

Why is this happening, and why might the pundits, once again, have egg on their face on election day?

Voters in Delaware are learning from reliable internet sources, despite a near blackout by the elite political press, more and more about Coons and his record.

1. Delaware voters are infuriated at Coons over the gold plated pension plan for cronies which occurred on his watch.

2. Delaware voters are afraid of the wave of tax increases they face , which they do not trust Coons to stand against (despite his “deathbed flip-flop” on this issue).

3. Voters remember his “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge which he broke after getting elected to his last office, leading many to question his integrity when it comes to keeping such promises.

4. They are also afraid of the astronomically increased energy bills they will be face if Coons votes with his cronies in the lame duck congress to rubber stamp Obama’s cap and trade scheme, not incidentally, to the benefit of Gore-Tex, Coons’ multi-billion dollar family business.

None of this bodes well for Coons. In fact, the much vaunted efforts by President Obama to shore up his campaign may have backfired- the poll numbers showed no bounce and, what is more, the Coons campaign may have LOST money on these fundraisers!

All of this is bad enough, but when you add the collapse of the Obama coalition as women, independents, the poor, and even Hispanics are shifting back towards the GOP, try as he might, Chris Coons, favored son of the Establishment that he is, never had a fighting chance.

Just remember, you heard it here first!


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