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What will motivate Americans to resist the Freedom Takers?

The Freedom Czar Report- Bill Collier

Bill Collier- Co-editor- The Freedomist

The State of Freedom In 2010
When right or rights are called into question, then is the time to assert them all the more! -William Penn
PART ONE- Upon WHAT Is Our Freedom Founded?
Is our freedom an individual thing defined by courts and laws and government or is it the power of a People to create a society after its own conscience and consensus to preserve the rights, persons, and property of its People in a manner that fits its religious or other sentiments and that reflects its consensus and, what is more, WHO or WHAT has the final say in how this question is answered?

It seems to us that the very notion of freedom, as the People’s authority to govern themselves in a manner most suited to their values and towards the end of protecting and preserving their rights, persons, and properties against all violators, foreign or domestic, private and public, are being assailed by a barrage of legalistic and intricate doublespeak and other devices of sophistry so as to confuse most people as to the true nature of their freedom and so as to conceal instruments of the destruction of those freedoms, especially under the guise of cries of racism, appeals to the so-called supremacy of Federal law, and appeals to help this or that disadvantaged group at the expense of other’s rights, persons, and property who in no way made or caused to be made the circumstances by which the disadvantaged are so disadvantaged.

We must in all instances, for every Town or Township, County, or City or State, appeal to the People and ask them- what think ye, that YOU in your wisdom and by the lights of your conscience and beliefs and for the cause of your values and your interests, should effectively have supremacy over ALL other powers, including the Federal, or that the Federal Power, by whatever claim or doctrine or logic it may contrive in its defense, shall be so empowered as to thumb its nose at your sentiment, your values, your beliefs, and your wishes and desires as to the type and nature and structure and rules of the society you think best suited for your children and your progeny’s preservation?
Is freedom, the power we own to govern ourselves in our own communities first, and then extending all the way to the highest levels, now to be ridiculed as some have done on the basis of the abuse of that right by others who defended slavery, which is so obnoxious to freedom as to be indefensible on ANY grounds?

Shall we the teeth of the children be set on edge because of the bitter grapes their father’s fathers have eaten?

Shall we surrender our freedom, the local power to govern ourselves as we see fit for the preservation of our rights, our persons, and our property, because others have trafficked in human beings and used the sophistry of defending such freedom as their excuse and justification for denying freedom to others?

Upon what basis do the violators of our rights, our persons, and our property assail our sacred freedom but upon arguments that lack moral, Biblical, logical, or any kind of just foundation? They use lies and slanders and accusations, they use bigotry against people of certain persuasions, accusing the ones against whom their plans discriminate, and all the while call the victims the victimize3rs and use the so-called victims as a mass mob of votes to fling agai8nst the will of free men and women in election after election until the whole land is filled with rancor and hate and schism!

All this they do while denying the very existence of any higher law than the counsel of their own designs and ambitions emanating from their back room parlors and country clubs!

In short, does the doctrine of supremacy of the Federal Power extend now so far, using the commerce clause and other new interpretation of our Constitution, nullify the originating authority of our Declaration of Independence or the Higher Laws of the Creator which alone are the legal and moral foundation of our self-government as a People?

If the Federal Power has NO LIMIT, not before men nor even before God, as the cabal of progressive eltists now claim, then where do the People Stand and where does our freedom to self-govern ourselves in protecting our rights, persons, and property now stand in relation to this progressive slave machine that is discarding everything sacred, from marriage to unborn children, in favor of everything that is evil and obnoxious to the Christian sentiments of most all of us?

If then this progressive slave machine shall go unhindered and if now, while there remain yet lights of freedom shining in this land, we do nothing or we do little, or less than we may, who shall not blame our future progeny when they are born into a land where God is a byword and faith is an epthet and where rights are only what the STATE says they are when these cursed heirs of once free people shall curse our names with bitter hatred and call on the God who once made this land free to increase our punishments in the hell we truly deserve to suffer in?

Do not say you love God and then show your hatred for the future generations who will surely suffer because of our inaction now, because we gave more credence to courts and media and the vain philosophies of men than to the common sense truth of the matter- which is that this land is ruled by a cabal of progressive slave masters who hate our forefathers and foremothers and their God and all who name that God, who is Jesus the Christ, Lord of ALL, and whose minds are reprobate and set on their course by the lies of hell! Shall we choose freedom, which is from God, and refuse to hear or contemplate any argument or so-called logic or ruling or what have you that denies our freedom to govern ourselves in our communities as we see fit?

If we do not do this, if we accept anything less than that we own our freedom and do not need anybody to define it for us nor do we owe to any power on earth more loyalty then to our God, our conscience, and our freedom, which we are obliged to preserve and pass on as a patrimony to future generations, we face God’s just wrath and eternal damnation! We do not honor our parents and we do not honor our God and how think we then that we can be right with a God who has given us such a mandate and a blessing when we dishonor Him so?

We bid you to contemplate these things by reading a few missives from Samuel Adams who, having no such firm Constitution nor Bill of Rights as ours, presented, defended, and singularly agitated for the practicing of our inherent freedom to be self-governing as we see fit, according to all of our values and beliefs, in order to protect our rights, our persons, and our property, and that without the slightest hint of needing any Crown our Court or any human authority to grant it or give us permission to do it!


Where did you learn that in a state or society you had a right to do as you please?
And that it was an infringement of that right to restrain you? This is a refinement which I dare say, the true sons of liberty despise. Be pleased to be informed that you are bound to conduct yourselves as the Society with which you are joined, are pleased to have you conduct, or if you please, you may leave it. Samuel Adams 1770
Missive TWO

Every Attempt to enforce the plan f Despotism will certainly irritate them; While they have a Sense of freedom they will oppose the Efforts of Tyranny; and altho the Mother Country may at present boast of her Superiority over them, she may perhaps find the Want of that Superiority, when by repeated provocations she shall have totally lost their Affections.TO STEPHEN SAYRE.1 [MS.,
Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]
BOSTON NOVr 16 1770
By an Act of this Province made in the fourth year of William & Mary it is enacted, that “when and so often as there shall be Occasion of a Town Meeting for any Business of publick Concernment to the Town there to be done, the Constable or Constables of such Town, by Order of the Selectmen or major Part of them, or of the Town Clerk by their Order in each respective Town within this Province shall warn a Meeting of such Town” &c.2 And by another Act made in the 2 Geo. I. it is enacted that “When and so often as ten or more of the Freeholders of any Town shall signify under their hands to the Selectmen their desire to have any Matter or thing inserted into a Warrant for calling a Town Meeting, the Selectmen are hereby required to insert the same in the next Warrant they shall issue for the Calling a Town Meeting.”3

But were there no such Laws of the Province or should our Enemies pervert these & other Laws made for the same Purpose, from their plain and obvious Intent and Meaning, still there is the great and perpetual Law of Self preservation to which every natural Person or corporate Body hath an inherent Right to recur. This being the Law of the Creator, no human Law can be of force against it: And indeed it is an Absurdity to suppose that any such Law could be made by Common Consent, which alone gives validity to human Laws. If then the
“MATTER OR THING” viz the fixing Salaries to the Offices of the Judges of the Superior Court as aforesaid, was such as threatned the Lives, Liberties and Properties of the People, which we have the Authority of the greatest Assembly of the Province to affirm, The Inhabitants of this or any other Town had certainly an uncontrovertable right to meet together, either in the Manner the Law has prescribed, or in any other orderly Manner, joyntly to consult the necessary Means of their own Preservation and Safety.