Mike Pence for President 2012

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The Pence Presidential Campaign?

Mike Pence, Congressman from Indiana, appears poised to launch a bid for the Presidency in the 2012 election. This is not just another ego trip by a puffed-up politico, Pence enjoys growing support from a groundswell of freedom movement activists and is a favorite son of the Tea Party Movement.

Pence is a solid vote for the things that are near and dear to most Tea Partiers, including his long-standing advocacy for first amendment protections, his opposition to “the fairness doctrine”, low taxes, limited government, and pro-life/pro-family issues. What is more, Pence does not have any scandals or peccadilloes to be worried about.

When Pence stepped down from leadership positions in the House, where some saw him as the primary Tea Party alternative to Boehner, it was thought that he might consider a run for Indiana Governor or President.

Mike Pence’s star began to rise when he made a stand with John Culberson and other Representatives during the “Texas Tea Party” in August 2008, when Pelosi, still in the height of her power, arrogantly shut down the House in order to end debate on a bill to allow oil drilling off the US coast. The oil bans were allowed to expire, after it was revealed that Pelosi was in bed with T Boone Pickens and stood to make millions, but only if the drilling ban remained in place.

Pence, like Senator Jim Demint, was one of the few voices that was stridently raised against the “stimulus” package that John McCain suspended his campaign to support.

While Pence has not announced his intentions, the Freedomist has reliable intel that he is being urged to do so and, as it stands now, we can expect to know definitively what he will do by mid-January or sooner.