MSM efforts to indoctrinate America

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Bill Collier 

Bill Collier- Co-editor- The Freedomist


The Tree of Liberty has deep roots, going to our God-given inherent rights which transcend any law, edict, ruling, rule, or charter.

It has many branches, including free speech, freedom of religion, the free market, the rights of free association, the rights of electoral participation, and the rights of self-reliance and self-preservation.

Its trunk is composed of freedom based on virtue, thrift, and independence.

There is never any reason or justification for hewing away at the trunk of this Tree, of trying to hack off any of these branches nor for assaulting the roots of this tree by denying that our rights are inherent and God-given. No good that is sought and no evil that is confronted can justify or excuse any effort to cut down this tree!

That is why our motto is “Whoever Tries To Cut Down This Tree Is an Enemy of the People.” Such a sign as this was posted on “Liberty Trees” all over the 13 Colonies where “Patriots”, who saw British Imperialism as threat to their Liberty, would gather.

The Tree of Liberty is even now under assault, from Pan-Islamic powers and their proxy terror attacks to Progressives and their subversion and co-opting of our leading national institutions towards ends never intended by our Founders and opposed by most of our People.

The real enemy, however, is not who you might think it is, namely the pawns used to push through measures that assault the Tree of Liberty. The real enemy, the puppet master and king-makers behind the scene, have two primary branches- the news-shapers and the professors.

It is through news-shapers who control the dissemination and publication/broadcasting of news that most Americans learn what is happening and why and, since few Americans truly grasp how much their “news” is doctored so at to manipulate them and deceive them, this allows the news-shapers enjoy a very high degree of power.

The professors use their “credentials” to create an “appeal to authority” that is meant to censure critics and opponents of their Progressive ideology and all of the front-causes, like racism, global warming, or what have you, that are a cover for their true intentions.

It is the news-shapers and the professors who are the enemy o the People, because every day they do their best to assault the roots of that Tree, to hew at its trunk, which is virtue, thrift, and independence, or to hack away at is branches.

Rather than targeting the puppets, the politicians, we need to shift our response to the real enemy- the Progressive Elites who play the roles of news-shapers and professors, and we need to deny them any sanctuary or safe haven as they use claims of freedom of the press, academic freedom (that extends to them but neither their students nor non-Progressives), their so-called “authority”, or their “tenure” to shield themselves from the accountability they richly deserve to “suffer.”