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The PIG Plantation- William R Collier Jr

How “Progressive Interest Groups” Are Destroying America As A Nation!

The Political Class and their Journolist Media Allies threaten our rights, our persns, and our property with their pro-Islamist and Neo-Marixst agenda and increasongly more and more Americans are frustrated. They see an abject prostration of our nation before “Muslims sensitivies” and they see the precepts and principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution being replaced by court ordered and legislatively manipulated edicts and policies that reflect the neo-Marxist Porgressive agenda.

While a Christian church which was destroyed by the Islamic-led attack on America on 9-11 has not been granted permision to rebuild, an Islamic “community center” with a 13 story Mosque is being fast tracked, with the supportive chorus of the Journolist media and B. Hussein Obama who self-righteously defended the Islamist shrine to their “victory” on 9-11 during a White House Ramadan event.

We see the Progresive agenda played out agenda against the will of the People: in California a gay judge wants to grant a license to marry to “same-sec patners” against thousands of years of human wisdom, in Arizona a pro-amnesty judge wants to stop Arizona from catching illegal immigrants, and the Progresive Congress has been passing onerous Intolerable Acts to nationalize America’s health care and financial sector while spending trillions of dollars to line the pockets of public employes and other Progressive Interest Groups (PIGs).

Frustration, however, can and will lead to unfortunate consequences as Americans see no hope through the ballot box, free speech, or legal action. In fact, 84% of Americans think America is heading in the wrong direction while 67% of the “Political Class” think we are heading in the right direction, no doubt smugly thinking they know better than we do.

These aren’t just partisan battles and disagreements- the Political Class, the Public Employees, and the Journolist Media all stand to gain only by pushing for policies that threaten our way of life as a People along with the rights, persons, and property of most of the People.

Many are looking at the special classes that are protected by and that benefit from the PIGs, including the Political Class, the Journolist Media, and the Public Employees and all the other groups we refer to as the Progressive Interest Groups (PIGs).

Some of these special classes include Unions, Islamists, Homosexuals, Hollywood Elites, Border Jumpers, the NAACP, GE Inc., Progressive leaning corporations, ACORN and its shadow organizations, and, of course, career Democrat politicians and their donors!

All of these PIGs are in the decided minority- their selfish desires for more money and power can only be satisfied if we lose wealth and power. Their interests are the opposite of ours. Their beliefs and values are offensive to our common sense and our shared moral virtue. Their methods and governing principles are a direct violation of the Declaration of Independence and the Consitution.

Make no mistake, the PIGs, who make up less than 20% of the population, use discrimination and outright thievery and subterfuge to control America’s national instutions, including government, culture, education, business, and news, to stifle all opposition and ensure that only their voice, their views, and their interests are represented.

It is only through outright illegal discrimination that Progresives have purged all the leading institutions of non-Progresives and have turned our nation-building institutions into a massive Trojan Horse that is being used to destroy this nation and sacrifice it at the PIG’s unholy altar!

Most Americas know that this is wrong, they despise the PIGs but they don’t think that they have any means of getting these PIGs out of the top wrung in our society and casting them down into the troughs of slop where they belong!

To speak against the PIGs one must face being slandered by the Journolist Media and having some PIG reporter ask you if you’re a “racist” or a “homophobe” or, more likely, “why” you are this or that horrible thing. Anything that might prove the absurdity of such lies wil not make it to air time! If you care about the Journolist Media, whom less than 1/4 of Americans have ANY trust in, and their “opinions presented as absolute gospel fact” then this might give you pause, but if you love truth and hate lies then you just don’t care. What doesn’t change, however, is that you wil not be “granted” equal time or fair access to the information dstribution networks controlled by the PIGs!

As a white male, things are easier for me than for so-called “minorities” whose entire cultural and even religious leadership have made disagreeing with the PIGs akin to “race treason”.

As a prime example, the black community’s cultural and spiritual leaders and their political activist leaders are all firmly in the PIG camp, and they profit from keeping their “people” on the PIG plantation. When a black man decides he prefers freedom to being a slave on the PIG plantation that man faces viscious slanders and ostracism and if his family are all slaves on that plantation he might even be disowned!

Sadly, many “racial minorities” (I deny the very concept of “race”, people should be judged solely by the content of their character) are being transformed from free individuals into vote farms and low wage workers while nothing near what they are promised is delivered and, when this happens, their PIG leaders blame everyone OUTSIDE the community, just as tin-horn dictators do when they blame foreign powers for the negative results caused by bad domestic policies!

When Harry Reid said he doesn’t know why any “Hispanic” person could be a Republican he was issuing an edict, not stating an observation. He was saying, “Hispanics shut up and get on the Planation where you belong, and I promise, we’ll make your life a paradise, like we did for the black community!” Harry thinks that if he can give amnesty to 12 million mostly “Hispanic” illegals, he will have the making of a new class of slaves for the PIG plantation- he had better be careful because he might find that most of these people, if they are given amnesty, flee the PIG plantation faster than they fled the grinding poverty they fled from to get here! (I do not think granting amnesty will result in Hispanics joining the PIG Plantation, although I opose amnesty as a matter of principle, at least until the border is secured and existing laws are enforced.)

The PIGs want to get everyone who is Hispanic on their plantation, just like they have done with the black community, so that any “Hispanic” person who dares question the PIGs and their agenda can be easily silenced by cries of “race traitor!”

Aside from neo-Nazi scum who have no power, white people don’t have any pressure to tote a party line lest they be called “race traitors.” (I have been called a “race triator” by neo-Nazis for having had black girlfriends and marrying a woman of Mexican and Native america descent, but this has been of no consequence. I have also been attacked for saying that the “browning of America” in which “white” people will be a minority in 50 years is no threat at all and should not be feared.)

It is tragic that in America today the pasty white Masters of the PIG Plantation have made it much more difficult for black people and, more and more, “Hispanics”, to have an opinion, an agenda, or to seek a way of life that differs from what the PIGs want!

Nobody should ever have to face ostracism or being called a “race traitor” simply because they choose to embrace the way of life and beliefs that are embodied in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution while rejecting the neo-Marxist agenda of the PIGs. The real “race traitors” are the hustlers and scammers who work as overseers to keep people who look like them from getting off of the PIG plantation!

The frustration level of most Americans who have the opportunity, the means, or the courage to stay out of the PIG plantation is growing and could reach a breaking point because the PIGs seems to hold all the cards and we, the People, don’t seem to have any way we can change that.

I say: change the game. The game of the national media, the national economy, the national culture, and national politics is rigged and as long as we play it the way the PIGs want it played, we wil always lose!

This doesn’t means we should not vote or act nationally, but it does mean that we have to play a game where we have the advantage and the PIGs have no hope of winning.

Put simply, that game is being nation-builders in our home town, where we have the advantage!

Keep reading The Freedomist to learn more about how we can outflank and defeat the PIGs in our home towns!