William Collier

Government Workers are a drag on YOUR employment

Why can

Federal Government Could INSTANTLY Create 2 Million jobs!

The average annual compensation costs for federal civilian workers is over $120,000, over twice the average annual cost for private sector workers.


The Freedomist has a simple proposal: reduce the annual budget for ALL civilian Federal employees by 50%: let people who don’t want to stay go out and find a new job, but reduce the Federal Civilian payroll budget by 50% immediately. Once this is done, take all the money saved and give a “tax credit” to employers who have fewer than 500 employees for every new employee hired within the last 18 months and for the next 12 months and for a 5 year period.

We’re talking a cool $120 BILLION a year for 5 years to help small businesses employ 2 million ADDITIONAL Americans!


Of course, the unions for these public workers won’t hear a bit of it and their cronies in the Democratic Party who need those 2 million votes won’t hear any of it, so this is a proposal that just doesn’t have legs with the people who REALLY run the country: the UNIONS!