Let’s play a game. The game is called “Political Monopoly.”

In this game, your objective is to get as many of the squares on the board under the ownership of your beliefs as possible. The other players will do the same thing, everyone trying to get spaces under their ownership.

In Political Monopoly you pay in votes, not money, and if you add houses, that’s like having more local or state level  institutions under your control, and if you add hotels, that’s like having national institutions under your control.

Here’s the thing, though, every player whose ideas are based on a denial that there is a God or a denial that if there is a God we need to acknowledge God (or God’s truth), can own ANY of the squares on the board and they can buy Hotels, but any players whose ideas are based on a belief in God and acknowledging God isn’t allowed to buy ANY of the squares except for those squares designated as “churches” or “non-profit”, which is only around 25% of all the available squares. Also, the God-honoring players can’t buy hotels.

Now, there are 20 players, this is a BIG board, it’s got 1,200 squares on it, and of these players 2 don’t believe in God, 2 think their belief in God should not affect public policy, 1 isn’t really sure and doesn’t care but just want to make sure their own special interests are taken care of, and 14 absolutely believe in God and that they should acknowledge God, even in Public policy.

If the average square costs 100v (votes) and every players has 1,000v to start with, but 15 of the players cannot buy hotels at all and they can’t buy  75% of the squares, which side is going to win? Will the side with the 15 players who honor God but have all these restrictions win or will the other 5 who don’t honor God but have all these unfair advantages win?

Government is getting into everything in our lives, and it’s controlling more and more of our money. Did you know, for instance, that over 30% of ALL land is controlled by government? That’s a huge impact in your life.

It goes beyond just things people associate with “the government.” More and more, for instance, we see schools, universities, businesses, and every other kind of institution infected with this idea that the only ideas that matter are ideas that don’t involve God in any way. If we don’t believe in God or want to honor God or follow God’s truth, then our ideas are somehow “allowed”, but if do believe in God and want to honor God and follow God’s truth, as we see it, then, according to the godless, our ideas don’t count!

It doesn’t matter what these ideas about giving godlessness an unfair advantage over godliness are called or what the people who push them down our throats claim is their origin, what matters is that we can’t say we have a real democratic society if ideas involving God in any way are excluded from the game of “Political Monopoly.” It’s just not fair, and only a sucker gets into a game like this and goes along with rules like that!

People can argue all day long about such hobgoblins as “theocracy” or “the religious right” or “separation of church and state”, they can even try and use the words of America’s Founders to somehow “prove” that America was never a “Christian Nation”, and they can claim all day long that religion isn’t rational and therefore only non-religion (godlessness) is “rational”, but we don’t have to fall for that and we don’t have to accept that.

If you want godlessness in public life and public policy, than win support for your ideas the old fashioned way; EARN IT by convincing votes that it’s better to have ideas that deny God than those that honor God, but you know, as I know, that when things are fair, when the People are FREE to decide, fair and square, they reject godlessness.

You see, we are free. We might not ACT like we’re free, in fact we often let ourselves get suckered by these endless and tedious debates into following exactly those rules I described. That’s bad that we did this in the past, that we accepted some of these small steps towards letting godlessness be the only idea system allowed in the public square, but that doesn’t mean we have to let the playground bullies continue to bully us. Just because we let a bully push us around for, say, over 100 years, doesn’t mean we can’t say, “you know what, you aren’t going to invalidate me or my beliefs any more, because there’s more of us who don’t want a godless society than people like you who do!”

It’s time to start the process of cleaning up the playground, it’s time to start playing Political Monopoly with the SAME rules for all the players. If your ideas, rooted in ungodliness, can compete where it comes to making public policy, so can my ideas, which are rooted in godliness. You don’t get an unfair advantage, you don’t get to make a doctrine that says “only MY ideas are valid here.”

Where do we start?

Well, the best place to start is with you and me. We can’t just “do something”, we have to BE something, and that, my friends, is FREE PEOPLE.

We are going to be putting out ideas, and sharing them, but right now, what we really need to do is gather, virtually if need be, but locally as soon as possible, and connect with people who simply agree that godliness cannot be bullied out of the best places and the highest seats in our society, that no discrimination against us, our ideas, or our beliefs will be tolerated and that those who choose to agree with the standards that say ONLY ungodliness has a place in public policy and public life will have NO friendship or fellowship with us!

Can you take this pledge, print it, share with your friends, and drop us a line telling us about how things went, so we can send you special updates and ideas?

Print this pledge, get your friends together, explain all this to them (don’t debate, tell them, “I’m not asking for your opinion about whether my ideas matter or whether I should be able to promote them in how I vote, I’m saying, this is my right and I want you to respect it.”

Now, show them the pledge and ask them to sign it (don’t just “forward it in an email), and send us an email at flag@freedomist.com about your experience.

“I pledge to stand for godliness in all areas of life, to no longer allow godliness to be excluded unfairly from public policy or public life, and to insist that anyone who wishes to be in friendship or fellowship with me agrees that my beliefs and values, whatever their source, deserve to be treated fairly and cannot be discriminated against, but must be decided on their merit by the other citizens who might vote for or against them. SO HELP ME GOD, because I AM FREEDOMIST!”

If you print this and you find people who say “I don’t agree” then you have to make a choice: you have to take a stand yourself, right then and there, and say “if you can’t honor and respect my rights and my ideas, then I see no reason to do business with you, vote for you, or be your friend.”

(NOTE: you can’t choose your family, obviously, but you can ask them to sign this. You can’t leave your husband or wife if they refuse to sign this, but if they do, you should express how unfair they are being to invalidate YOUR beliefs.)