The steep cost of housing and a system of regulation that adds needless burdens while perpetuating non-sustainable designs over more autonomous housing designs are denying Americans fair access to housing freedom and an unencumbered family freehold.

What is housing freedom? Quite simply it is housing that is affordable and that enhances one’s personal freedom because it contains elements of food and energy freedom as well, which basically means you can produce your own food and energy without the need for external help beyond a local freewill participatory association of some kind.

A family freehold is the core property, including real estate, that is needed to sustain a family at an higher material level commensurate with an advanced modern society. To be unencumbered means it is affordable to own outright without debt, it isn’t regulated beyond absolute necessity, and it isn’t taxed.

Every American and every American family, regardless of demographic background or location, deserves afford, quality, spacious, and self-sustaining housing that enhances their quality of life, wealth, and freedom! We call this a family freehold.

Basically, the freehold is what we have in mind as the ideal for all Americans to become as materially autonomous and self-sustaining as possible so that little government control is needed and so that mega corporations cannot gain absolute monopoly power over all aspects of our culture and society.

We are seeing a housing crisis emerge, especially for younger people, that would make everyone debtors to banks, slaves to the tax collectors, and materially dependent upon government and monopolistic corporations just to survive. This is truly the front line of the battle to defeat the freedom takers and liberate the people from their exploitation and control.

While legal reform at all levels is needed and sought by Freedomists, unilateral actions and tools are also envisioned, as well as public pressure campaigns against exploitation and consumer fraud. The goal is to make it feasible for young couples, or anyone, to find and purchase their own family freehold at an affordable price and for that freehold to be quality, sustainable, and beneficial to their lives.

The perpetuation of the people cannot happen outside of a high birth rate which requires the presence of mothers and fathers who raise their own biological or adopted children together in a loving home. This isn’t an appeal to a law requiring this of anyone, it’s an observation of historical lessons which show that the devolution of family from extended families to atomized individuals doesn’t bode well for any society.

The family freehold, whether alone or, as we may recommend for saving money and pooling resources, some form of shared estate or villa (a Freehold Villa), is an affordable, quality, dwelling that has within it some of the elements that lead to food and energy freedom as well.

The problem with housing today is speculation coupled with regulations and taxes that work together to produce mammoth costs both in terms of building and the final price. The local government is incentivized to keep property “values” high in order to extract more tax revenue, so it cannot even begin to address the problem of rising prices because it benefits from that!

Some ideas we have include things like housing clubs that would help a group of people building homes save on materials while providing legal protection and local lobbying to deal with outmoded regulations and codes. Other ideas include the freehold villa and the creation of local credit unions to secure low-cost financing that is reasonable and fair.

We have to find and use gaps for freedom within existing laws and then push the boundaries of those gaps for freedom until the legal, regulatory, business, and economic ecosystem tends to produce equitable and accessible opportunities for all Americans to obtain a family freehold of their own at an affordable price.

Housing freedom itself isn’t a right, but access to obtain housing freedom through your own effort or in collaboration with others must be considered a right.

Nobody who is willing to work and invest in themselves should find obtaining housing freedom is beyond their reach in an advanced society.