The Freedomist Town Meeting System will shift power at the local level to the people and eventually shift power from the federal center to the individual , the family, and both freewill participatory associations and the local community.

At the very local level, Thomas Jefferson proposed a “ward republic” where the citizens gathered in a town meeting and, through open and free debate, chose their local rules and the such via direct democratic votes. This idea has had more modern layers added such as a consensual decision-making processes that goes well beyond mere democracy and prevents the abuse of the minority.

Our present systems of government at the very local to county level are not set up this way plus anything beneath the state level is just a subdivision of the state without any real autonomy. The concept of a Union of 50 states hasn’t made the logical leap that counties are combinations of locales as the primary constituent entity and states are federations of their counties, which ought to be the primary political powers in each state.

The radical, in a good way, devolution of power from the center to the provinces, from the top to the base of society, and from federal and state to county and locality, hasn’t occurred. Instead, power went from the states to a bloated and increasingly authoritarian federal power high on its hubris and a slave to its corporate masters.

The response we propose for Freedomists at the local level is to both find gaps for freedom and institute a unilateral Freedomist Town Meeting system at the very local to the county level.

Freedomists will gather first to form Teams of 5-10 people who plan and organize the local effort to develop a Freedomist Town Meeting by conducting educational outreach, canvassing, creating a people-powered free press, and activism aimed at gaining voters who sign the Freedomist Pledge.

The gist of the town meetings system is Freedomists and citizens who sign a Freedomist Pledge gather in a town meeting of their own to pass Resolves and Remonstrances as well as Instructions to their elected officials.

Freedomists work to gain a majority of local voters who sign a Freedomist Pledge to only vote for candidates who offer a tangible defense of the Bill of Rights according to the original spirit and intent and interpretations that are most generous to individual liberty. These electors gather online and/or on person to conduct a consensual decision-making process to review acts by local officials and people who have a public trust (including the press) and then issue Resolves to express their will and desire, Remonstrances to address issues of concern, and Instructions as to how that official or governing body or person who has a public trust should act.

The Freedomist Town Meeting then publishes and distributes its acts and findings to the public and works to ensure all those who tend to defy its acts face things like boycotts, peaceful protests, votes against them, or even recall efforts. The consequences for ignoring a Town Meeting become burdensome on the offenders.

A Town Meeting would also vett candidates and officials and may elect to vote “en bloc” whereby all members agree that in such a scenario they will all vote the same way. Voting en bloc would even give a local to county Freedomist Town Meeting leverage where it doesn’t yet have a majority of voters who have taken the Pledge.

The Freedomist Town Meeting sets up a vehicle for power that actually empowers average freedom-loving people and makes them, as a whole, a rather tough target for the freedom takers. Through this, there is a de facto mirror popular self-governance structure to the local government which has a real and legitimate means of exerting its influence in a manner the local officials and people who hold a public trust cannot easily ignore.

The details you can find as you stay tuned to The Freedomist, we always have new ideas and content for the freedom builder meant to give insights and direction that enable you to expand the influence of freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence at the local level.

Our aim is to see faith, family, and community, on a strictly freewill participation basis, become the driving force for change and renewal throughout all of this country, in every locale and among every demographic group. Our aim is to effect, through practical acts, the transfer of wealth and power back to individuals, families, communities of trust based on freewill participation, and locales governed at least on a de facto basis as united popular democratic republics (UPDR Communities), and states as the primary political sovereignty of scale which are themselves unions of counties.

As for America, our long-term goal is to see this land become a truly free, prosperous, and pluralistic society of equals with maximum sovereignty at the lowest levels. Our country would become a grand Commonwealth of Freedom with prosperity, liberty, and justice for all through the protection of every citizen’s right to life, liberty, and property.

Every community in this country, regardless of its demographic makeup or socioeconomic situation, deserves to become a consensual democratic republic with freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence as its standard.

Our approach is to build the mirror governance structure unilaterally with whomever wishes to become a Freedomist and strive to both build freedom in their own lives and in their own locale as the basis of a statewide to countrywide effort to firmly place freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence at the pinnacle of American governance and jurisprudence.

The Freedomist Town Meeting is the first step toward American renewal and advancement that will move us out of the past and beyond an authoritarian present into a glorious future of fulfillment and happiness that leaves no American behind. Until every American of every demographic background and socioeconomic status in every single place everywhere in this country can experience the benefits of freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence, our work is not done.

Our guding light for this countrywide campaign is “leave no American behind!”

The Town Meeting System is important because it will effect a real local transfer of power from the local ruling class to the average person in a way nothing else can do. Eventually, as we gain influence in every state, our intention is to codify a local united popular democratic republic as the core constituent entity of every state and the highest political sovereignty within each state.

If there must be a state as magistrate and protector of the rights, persons, and property of all its citizens, then let it become a diverse and decentralized Commonwealth of Freedom that leaves no citizen behind.

Using a Town Meeting System every locale can be won for the People and real power can devolve back to them as it should have always been. No locality that stays within the boundaries of the Bill of Rights in their original spirit and intent, with the most generous interpretation favoring individual rights, should be dictated to by any greater power and all political authority should be deemd to flow from these local UPDR Communities to the other larger combines such as counties as Freedom Shires, states as Freedom Commonwealths, and our whole Union of Freedom Commonwealths.

That’s the big vision and we may be a few generations from achieving that vision. But the Freedomist Town Meeting System is something you can embrace and pursue with some realistic possibility of success within a few years of hard and disciplined work.