Food freedom, or food independence, is another way to both get out from under the influence and control of the ruling class and create a more sustainable and earth-friendly future. The basic approach is a group of around 100 or so people come together and form a Food Freedom Club that provides locally produced food from farmers to club members.

A few thoughts are that the club either finds a member or recruits/hires an expert to handle the administration and this person arranges to find both local providers of food (meat or plant-based food) as well as local processors, with an emphasis on those who use sustainable processes and renewable resources. The marriage between farmers and food processors is important. Additionally, the club would use the Victory Garden idea wherein members combine expertise, land, and labor to produce whatever can be raised or grown by them on their own properties.

The goal is for the club to be able to produce enough food for members to meet their basic nutrition needs with 80% or more via renewable and sustainable resources.

Food freedom is as vital as voting, in fact it’s far more important, and, if pursued, would lead to tremendous results for all concerned.

After getting all that food, what could be better than having a large common meal with participants to celebrate your food freedom and perhaps invite some folks who aren’t as well off as you.

Food freedom is not a about politics. It is about not being controlled, it is about building a sustainable future, and it is about community connections that are warm and caring.