Health coverage is expensive, but medical care isn’t? How is this and what can we do?

Dr. Marion Mass went through a metamorphosis from a physician to a patient rights advocate when she saw how money and politics, not patient needs, were adding multiple layers of complication and costs without benefiting patients. Her story and recent podcast transcends partisan labels and is a fresh way to approach medical care instead of playing politics with “health care” that may provide “coverage” but is too expensive and doesn’t serve patient needs.

Dr. Marion Mass joins other doctors in a PODCAST where this is all explored in depth.

The cartoon above is a simple story about the evolution of a doctor into a patient’s rights activist.

Dr. Mass serves as the vice-chairman of Practicing Physicians of America whose mission includes protecting the ability of all practicing physicians to serve as their patients’ primary health care advocate and to confront unnecessary and overbearing regulation that limits any physicians’ ability to serve their patients.

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How Health Care #Middlemen are:
Emptying America’s pockets,
Replacing physicians
What you can do.

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Drs. Nikki Johnson, Caren Gallaher, and Marion Mass expose the truth about medication and device rebates and how this ties in to increasing healthcare costs and unsafe patient care. We give you actionable items to advocate for yourself and demand transparency.

Visit https://practicingphysician.org/, https://physiciansforpatientsofficial.org/, and https://www.patientrightsadvocate.org/ to learn more.