Bill Collier- The concept of a freehold villa is basically this: a group of 3-5 nuclear families and single adults connected to them dwell together in a new sort of arrangement that combines private spaces, common areas for residents, and shared spaces with non-residential members of their small group for maximum cost savings and pooling of resources. It offers the ability to become energy and food independent in a sustainable manner while also increasing everyone’s wealth and freedom through strict freewill participation in mutual self-reliance and mutual assurance.

Imagine living in a mansion-like building with lots of amenities, with your own condo, but with access to luxury you could not afford on your own, surrounded by people you feel a kinship bond with who both have your back and share your values. This sounds much better than the atomized life of being a single person or nuclear family against a chaotic and freedom-denying society.

A freehold villa is a different kind of architecture. It is luxury living for working people!

We quite literally need a rewrite of our concept of what constitutes a household of people and of who we live as well as where and how we live, as in our dwelling. The atomized life of being a lone individual or nuclear family against the world only makes it easier for the ruling class to dominate us!

We can decide both to cluster together for greater mutual support and mutual self-preservation and to increase our wealth and happiness while enjoying more luxury than we can now afford.

How it works is a group of relatives, be they by blood and/or by affection or fraternal connection, build a single self-sustaining building that has private condos for the resident nuclear families and single adults. It is limited to members of a related group, be it blood kinship or spiritual kinship based. The design includes all the individual condos for members, common spaces like a great room, pool, gym, shared office space, and kitchens, and luxury amenities for common use, and other areas such as perhaps shops owned by members, a gathering space for members who don’t live on site, and even residential and/or commercial space leased to the public to offset costs.

We can cluster together for mutual support, but it can also mean we experience a level of luxury that has never been possible for people of average income. We envision very nice, well-appointed villas shared by multiple families and single adults who have a kinship bond of some kind.

This reflects a lifestyle and architectural design change meant to enhance individual wealth and freedom unilaterally, that is, without waiting for some law or policy change that is imposed on society. At best, as a freehold villa would have a positive environmental impact, the government should offer tax and other incentives and ease laws and regulations that might make the forming of groups who undertake to build freehold villas more difficult.

You can’t really have a happy experience in such a close-knit arrangement with people who don’t share your sociocultural and perhaps even religious sentiments, values, and convictions. Therefore, residential membership especially needs to be limited to some form of blood and/or spiritual kinship where the residents truly count one another as kin in some way.

It is important to note that race-based clustered living is most certainly not what we have in mind and, moreover, we wouldn’t consider such an approach to be morally justified. When clearly blood kin are probably mostly all considered the same “race”, in most cases you will need more than blood kin to form such a cluster of people and for this a form of spiritual kinship related to shared beliefs and values alone is far superior. This can and likely will include people who aren’t considered the same race.

Freedomists believe race is a negative social construct that breeds hatred and division and should be discarded in favor of equity and equality applied to every single human being from birth to death with respect for their human rights, human dignity, and human flourishing. An inherent spiritual sovereignty endowed by our Creator requires respect for our rights to life, liberty, and property as well as the rights to pursue happiness and form our own freewill participatory associations and communities that reflect our values.

We also believe equal and fair access to affordable housing, while not a “right” per se, is a mark of an advanced civilization and a requirement of justice. We do not ever want to see our concept of clustered living and clustered housing, which is all predicated on freewill participation, become a means of segregation by race or denial of fair housing practices.

We simply believe we need and have a right to pursue clustered living and clustered housing as a solution to the present sociocultural and socioeconomic crises. We believe this is a necessary bulwark for the well-being and freedom of average people in the face of an archaic and selfish ruling class who are lost in the industrial age top-downism of the 20th century. The modern revival of an extended multi-family household cluster is essential to bolstering freedom and wealth within a society facing multiple crises.

A sustainable, green, and environmentally-friendly but luxurious villa can make people more free and prosperous while protecting them from hazards, crises, and disasters.

In such a scenario of clustered housing, the building is owned by a mutual benefit corporation (MBC) and the residential members each own shares, requisite to their private space. So someone who has a smaller place has fewer shares and pays less. But membership in the MBC is limited in some way to people who are somehow in a kinship type relationship.

A freehold villa is neither a commune where everyone just lives together in one house nor a condominium where everyone owns a separate condo. But it is in fact a single, albeit multi-family, extended household. Our society doesn’t have a concept of an extended multi-family household that is both a cluster of a few single households and is itself like a single household.

Note: you could also opt for a freehold cluster, which is a group of individual homes surrounding a common house with luxury amenities and that includes shops and commercial as well as residential space leased to the public. This may be more expensive than a freehold villa and would be more difficult in urban areas.

Clustering together in a shared space and behaving as a “household of households” is the major lifestyle change involved here. Because our goal is freedom and prosperity, this is not any sort of collective or commune, your own space is your own but you also share space and resources and you practice mutual self-reliance and mutual assurance with people who you feel kinship toward.

An urban freehold villa may build upward instead of outward and include both members’ housing and housing offered on a fair housing basis to the public. Creating sustainable “towers” in a cityscape is good for the planet and increases wealth and freedom for average people living and working in cities.

In an era of major disasters, supply chain disruptions, security challenges, upheavals and riots, and a worsening climate for freedom-minded and religious people especially, the freehold villa is a positive and concrete response that will buttress its members from these storms. You will find that the lone individual or nuclear family isn’t able to withstand these threats to their freedom and wealth without close-knit mutual support.

The freehold villa and the revival in modern form of an extended multi-family household cluster (like the ancient Oikos), is an idea well suited to our time and the architecture of a freehold villa is precisely what will make this clustered living more practical and profitable to all involved.

Coming together in a way that both respects your privacy and individuality and provides you with warm and nurturing connections with other people who are physically close by is a tangible alternative to the atomized life of decreased wealth, freedom, and happiness.

Other larger clustered housing arrangements include a freehold estate of as many as 5 of these smaller clusters, around 120 adults, or a larger single building with these 5 clusters, called a freehold castle. We do not recommend clustered housing beyond 120 or so adults as this wouls engender segregation within a locale. Moreover, we do recommend that some space offered to the public be set aside both to offset costs and prevent insularity and isolation.

Clustered living in some of kinship with other people you feel deeply connected to can, when approached with balance, promote the prosperity and freedom for all and both protect you from the many crises of our era and increase your chances of being a success.