If you truly want a free country, a Commonwealth of Freedom, start by repealing the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act, both in 1913, the year our republic died but it took this long for that death to look obvious. Anybody who isn’t serious about these things isn’t serious about saving freedom from our corrupt and rapacious ruling class and is just playing silly games that don’t matter to anyone in any material way.

Beyond these things the following Constitutional Amendments, or something like them, are needed to enhance the Bill of Rights and devolve power to private persons and local communities. Whether you agree with them all or not, perhaps by sharing them we can begin a transcendent and open discussion of alternatives to the present and increasingly authoritarian system of corruption and control.

Here is a starting point for reform, dubbed “The Expanded Bill of Citizens’ Rights”:

1. Term limits and the rights of recall, petition, guaranteed majority elections, referendum, and redress, paper ballots, secure manual and publicly visible vote counting, voter ID

2. Treatment of corporate entities that exceed 5% market share, all Unions, and all financial institutions that serve the general public as semi-official bodies with a “public trust”, and that they be bound by the Bill of Rights in their treatment of their clients and the public, prohibiting them in the same way government entities are prohibited from participating in partisan politics

3. Creation of new Domestic Nations with tribal status and Homelands with the same internal autonomy as the states with the basic requirements being these Homelands be at least 100 acres in size for each parcel and the Domestic Nation have a tribal, ethnic, or fraternal bond and be similar to a fraternal benefit society of at least 25,000 members save for indigenous tribal groups which have to size requirement and granting one seat in Congress to each such Domestic Nation per 800,000 members

4. Return to the Gold Standard

5. Creation of a 1200 member Council of Censors individuals can petition to try any official in government who violates the Bill of Rights, this body being drawn by lottery from qualified Electors who pass a Constitutional Law test and who have a high character

6. Strengthening the Bill of Rights explicitly, especially the right to arms equal to a common infantry soldier, the right of free speech, Rights of conscience and free association, freedom of religion, and trial by jury

7. Requirements that all laws apply to all officials in government, that they be easily understood, and that they all be subjected to national referendum, as well as the REINS Act

8. The death penalty as the ultimate punishment for officials who violate the Bill of Rights, or at least stripping their citizenship

9. All elections use paper ballots, require ID, and all counting be live video fed to the public and be observed by all Parties and candidates designated representatives

10. Free trade that is fair trade aimed at applying the same regimen other countries apply to US goods and services to those countries and dissolution of international bodies like the WTO and the IMF, which are global kleptocracies

11. The right of freehold by which no person shall be taxed in their freehold, i.e. property taxes cannot be levied on the essential freehold needed for families and individuals

12. The right to form clustered living cohabitations for people related by blood, nationality, or fraternal bonds with up to 200 adult member-owners of a mutual benefit corporation and the internal social, cultural, and economic liberty of the same

13. The ability of 2/3rds of all States, whether by their Governor OR the legislature, to veto a Supreme Court ruling and require a national referendum in which 60% must APPROVE of the Supreme Court ruling

14. Reform of prisons to require no private prisons, no exploitation of the prisoners, and humane treatment that transitions prisoners to productive life in civil society and punishes those guards and prisoners who harm other inmates and holds all prisoners to a humane and civil standard: death penalty for prisoners who rape or seriously injure other inmates

15. Removal of government from all forms of marriage or civil unions with each marriage/civil union being a private contract, albeit absolutely prohibiting polygamy and allowing any domestic nation or religious organization to define these matters as they see fit

16. Ending federal involvement in all activities not explicitly consented to by 3/4 of all States with all federal departments being subjected to review as well as termination of all regulations not explicitly passed by Congress in detail

17. Requirement that no member of Congress vote on any bill they have not read and that unrelated items not be grouped together, with the Council of Censors having the power to try any member of Congress who fails to abide by this

18. Stripping of citizenship from any member of Congress who advocates for any policy deemed to violate the Bill of Rights in their original spirit and intent by the Council of Censors

19. Supremacy of Common Law and requirement that all alleged violations of any law be shown to involve an actual tort as well as creation of a requirement that all juries be directed as to their right to exercise jury nullification, to try both the person AND the law

20. Restriction of all Courts to the original spirit and intent of the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, and the trial of any judge by a 12 member panel from the Council of Censors who violates this with the penalty being stripping of office and citizenship

21. Requirements that every state deem Counties or Parishes as constituent and self-governing entities which are assumed to hold all the powers not reserved to the Federal Government and that 3/4 of all Counties be required to approve state functions with a review of every department, all states being sovereign republics consisting of the Counties or Parishes

22. Home Rule Amendment whereby locales may form consensual community democracies through a consensual decision-making process like unto a town meeting with maximum local sovereignty

23. Treatment of gangs, totalitarian organizations which envision the destruction of liberty as defined by the Bill of Rights, terrorist organizations, and violently racist organizations which would violate the rights of others, as deemed so by the courts, to be criminal organizations as non-lawful enemy combatants in a state of rebellion, affiliation therewith being illegal (subject to review by the Council of Censors)

24. Community policing through a citizen’s constabulary led by ward level elected constables and the elected Sheriff to replace local police and state police, with greater access to weapons for volunteers who participate, creation of a county level 120 member Council of Censors who both oversee the entire Citizen’s Constabulary and who protect the Bill of Rights from violations by elected or appointed officials and government entities

25. Requirement that Constitutional literacy, especially the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights, be taught and tested in High School, be a condition of receiving the right to vote as an Elector, and be taught at a higher level to obtain any degree or professional license

Such reforms are necessary to save the country and transform America into a commonwealth of freedom, a free society of equals which leaves nobody behind. We can debate these ideas but we need a new set of Amendments to fortify the rights of citizens and devolve power from state and federal governments and mega corporations to individuals, private free associations and enterprises, and local communities.