We live in the dawning of new Western Empire, under the banner of globalism but aimed at world domination by a mostly white ruling class in the West via such entities as the UN, WTO, IMF, World Bank, and others. This is the end of “the republic”, or the period of relative decentralization, at least on a global scale. The desire is to ultimately turn all countries into puppets of a corporate ruling class mostly living in the West and mostly white male in composition.

The irony of this coterie of ruling class thugs using things like rainbow politics, alt-gendered social experiments, white-shaming, social and racial justice, equality and economic justice is that the very ruling class pushing these things to destroy the social fabric and unsettle society are quite against any of these things. In short, it’s a sham. Everyone being fired up to change the very shape and structure of society to fit these theoretical fantasies is being used to undermine the social order in order to pave the way for authoritarianism.

But there us only room at the top of an empire for one Caesar. As much as the ruling class think their unofficial and informal junta of around 100 or so top people can share power once they eliminate all competition to their unholy alliance, the truth is all of these grandees are at risk of falling victim to the same “canceling” as they are orchestrating against others.

“It (Caesarism)…is not dictatorship, not the result of one man’s overriding ambition, not a brutal seizure of power through revolution. It is not based on a specific doctrine or philosophy. It is essentially pragmatic and untheoretical. It is a slow, often century-old, unconscious development that ends in a voluntary surrender of a free people escaping from freedom to one autocratic master.” (From: pg. 5 in 1st edition Introduction, and pg. XI in “The Coming Ceasars” by Amaury De Riencourt)

Let’s be clear on two points: the entire new alt-gendered sociocultural paradigm being pushed so hard now is a sham and will be discarded as soon as possible and that there can only be one Caesar if the ruling class coalition wins its way. The emergence of that Caesar will likely be extremely violent.

This new empire will not be as universal as it aims, and it won’t even have unopposed control over the lands it rules. There will always be a growing core of people who find gaps for freedom and build parallel structures that are proof against all the efforts by the new Caesar to shut them down.

Ultimately, the West and and every civilization dominated by its rulers will suffer failure and collapse. The measures needed to gain and keep such monopoly power will bankrupt this empire long before it becomes invincible.

But ONE SINGLE Caesar is coming and must come, because in the end, when it comes to empire, there can only be ONE Caesar at a time.