Haiti is an insecure hell hole of corruption and inefficiency led by people without morals and it is no wonder tens of thousands want to flee to the US. But while the Biden administration practically rolls out the welcome mat for Hispanic migrants/refugees from the south, the African-descended Haitians are not welcome.

The US is unceremoniously and without any hearing for asylum seekers deporting over 12,000 Haitians to their homeland which is riven by disaster, from an assassination of the President to an earthquake to ongoing economic collapse. If any group of people could be called refugees, these people certainly can, but the woke administration for all its claims of caring for people of color more than anyone else is brutally and with historic speed sending people who are far more vulnerable and at risk than anyone else back while welcoming, how shall we see, rather lighter skinned migrants who are more well off and less vulnerable.

The people of Haiti have a country ruled by maniacs, to be blunt, and controlled by international agencies and global corporations in a way that the average Haitian has no hope or means of changing a thing. They are true victims without any realistic way to save themselves, no matter how hard they work.

One wonders why the Haitians are being removed so brutally, with nary a word of protest from the social justice media, but clearly the very notion of importing more black people seems to offend Democrats.

As AP Reported:

Central Americans have also crossed the border in comparable numbers without being subject to mass expulsion, although Mexico has agreed to accept them from the U.S. under pandemic-related authority in effect since March 2020. Mexico does not accept expelled Haitians or people of other nationalities outside of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

We suspect if we dig deeper that, in truth, importing millions of brown-skinned vote slaves who are also cheap labor is enough for the Democrats and their Republican collaborators, but accepting genuine refugees whose skin is black is off the table. In both cases, whether accepted or not, these people in both camps are being treated like cattle, dehumanized, and either retained for exploitation or expelled because they are of African descent.