Opinion – Chairman Xi has been moving forward aggressively reshaping the socio-cultural reality reinforced with state lethality control, strict and broadly applied death governance power.

He has been working diligently to clip the wings of the nuveau-riche billionaires of China’s Silicon Valley.  He ended, in 2017, the three-person council as the final word of the current Communist Policy and made it all about his edicts alone.  He revised the Maoist custom of writing “Thoughts,” really dicatates to the society about what society indeed was and the general pentalties for violating what the society is as defined by these thoughts.  Mao had his Mao Thoughts and now XI, in 2017, issued his own Xi Thoughts.

He adds to the thoughts as he sees fit.  But, until now, the distribution of Xi Thoughts has not been especially forced on others.  A whole generation has little knowledge as to what Xi Thoughts even are and what they might even mean.  But now, all this has changed, as now Xi seeks to inject his particular version of society to the children, and to the adults, with companies now coming under scrutiny for violating the beliefs, the ethics, really, of Xi Thoughts.

One can see some parallels between the DNC pushing its particular remedy to solving injuustice and inequality, whatever you want to call it (as of the writing of this article, the going favorite label is ‘Critical race Theory,” but, as usual it’s more complicated than that, even though there is enough truth in that label to use that phrase from here going forward), and the CCP pushing Xi Thoughts to all ages through coercive means.

In the case of the DNC, the real power limits on their ability to move as nearly unopposed as Xi will be able to move is a shadow of what Xi is capable to do from the beginning of an idea to the execution of an idea.

He can do that in a nation-state that has 3 times the people within it that we Americans do.  For good or for ill, Xi has the power to make the dream real at a a massive scale, and with great haste, far beyond what any human being has on this planet in the here and now.  He is the apex of all apex existentials within our earthly frame.

And he is about to become, for the generation in primary education age, the very DNA they will either build a lifetime of options around, or a lifetime of overcoming.  This is also what falls upon many of the children in America today, but Americans, at least for now, have the venue to dissent from the presupposutional ethos of the authorities that choose to inject such beliefs into our public schools.

How America comes out of this,  or doesn’t, remains to be seen, but at least, for now, we still have options and the power to dissent.

Xi Jinping Thought, for children

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2021-09-02 14:48:27



ASK MEMBERS of China’s elite—from senior officials to academics at leading universities, well-known commentators or bosses at big companies—to explain the beliefs of the country’s leader, Xi Jinping, and their replies are surprisingly unhelpful. Even simple questions elicit waffly answers. Take an ongoing campaign to clip the wings of some of China’s largest firms, notably technology giants. The authorities have variously accused such businesses of seeking excessive profits, harming national security with a cavalier approach to data, abusing workers, bullying smaller firms or exploiting young consumers with addictive video games and online fan clubs. Is Mr Xi revealing himself as an ideologue, bent on re-imposing Communist Party control over the economy at the expense of growth? Or is he more pragmatic than that: a nationalist strongman who is helping to make China stable at home and mighty abroad? There is chatter among the country’s grandees, but no consensus.

Given such confusion among grown-ups, this is a bold moment to issue a new series of textbooks to all students in Chinese schools, colleges and universities, with the aim of explaining Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era, as Mr Xi’s political philosophy is formally known.

As the academic year began on September 1st, teachers and lecturers began distributing these books, tailored for each age-group, down to children as young as six. The use of stand-alone schoolbooks devoted to a serving leader marks a break with decades of caution. The last time that hundreds of millions of youngsters clutched books devoted to the wisdom of one man was under Mao Zedong, the object (and instigator) of a disastrous personality cult.

Books for the young are especially revealing, for they have to keep their messages simple. Primary schools have long taught the general rudiments of ideology. Via courses with names like “ethics and law”, children have studied…


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