Our Union is at risk because the Federal Government is led by corrupt leaders who are failing to do the most basic functions of the Federal Government.

Our Federal Government, today led by Joe Biden, a man connected to many uninvestigated instances of corruption, abandoned what may be thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, despite his and the media’s claims “only” 200 were abandoned. But, basically, the Federal Government abandoned Americans, thus negating its very right to exist by betraying its most fundamental reason for existing.

The question keeps arising: would Trump have done better?

Those who assume Trump would have done better may forget that the way this was negotiated and the way the Taliban was legitimated came directly from a Trump policy that also looks like a cut and run policy. The standing down of manpower and resources which led to the collapse began under Trump.

On the other hand, it is reasonable to say that Trump’s withdrawal plan, which would have also led to the collapse of Afghanistan, was more focused on removing Americans and Afghan allies, then equipment, and then troops.

Biden’s bumbling plan saw the removal of troops to a very low level, not all Americans and few actual Afghan allies, and not most of the equipment. He did inherent a bad deal, but he also inherited a more aggressive and reasonable exit strategy, near as we can tell. He kept the bad deal but he scrapped the exit strategy.

But Congress, which allegedly oversees all this, has failed in any meaningful way to change the dynamic and to make sure the Executive Branch is doing its job. The problem of corruption and the failure of the Federal Government to do its basic duties is owned by Congress as much as any President who could not operate in such a manner withour Congressional acquiescence.

The Federal Government collects massive taxes, spends inordinate amounts of money on credit, and is the largest most hazardous threat to the rights and prosperity of Americans that exists in this world through its bloated law code and regulations and through rapacious taxes and wasteful spending. But we tolerate it because it does at least have a strong capability to protect its citizens. However, with this move to abandon hundreds of Americans in a terror state who the present and past administration legitimized, the Federal Government has made a hash of its essential justification for existence.

This doesn’t mean we would advocate for any secession, insurrection, or rebellion, our concern is with the consequences to the country if the Federal Government does not take strong steps to reassert its legitimate basis by forcefully if necessary removing all Americans from this terror state that we as a country alone bear responsibility for creating.

The Federal Government cannot continue forward over and over again to undermine its legitimacy through such failures to perform its basic duties without long-term serious consequences to the country. Various groups and movements could emerge over time with aims that are harmful to the Union, ranging from outright terrorist groups of various persuasions to secessionist groups, to race-based groups, and more. All could exploit the failure of the Federal Government to perform basic duties to not only delegitimize that government but this country itself.

This doesn’t mean such delegitimizing is eminent. While people are outraged at the debacle, they seem to blame only one man, Biden, and then his generals, particularly General Milly, and also Secretary of State Blinken. One suspects more uninvestigated corruption is driving these insane policies.

The warning however is warranted because history shows that such incidents begin to act as a growing weight that strains the bindings between the government and the people until, unless checked and repaired, the bonds break and sentiment turns to dangerous alternatives. This may not happen this decade, but it could happen eventually if the trend is not changed.

The Federal Government abandoned Americans and this is yet another stone of broken trust that weighs on the public mind and threatens eventually to undermine our Union.