Imagine a global network of islands of freedom wherein everyone is free to fulfill and experience human dignity, human rights, and human flourishing in freedom and prosperity. This is the heart of our vision for Upo Hubs.

A Upo Hub is envisioned as a small to large clustered living and resource center that not only serves its residents and guests but a larger surrounding community including peers of Upadaria, subscribers to the Virtual Commonwealth platform, fellow Christians, and the surrounding communities. While most Peers and subscribers may not live within the physical environs of a Upo Hub, it will be a safe haven and resource which they have access to which guarantees the sanctity of their well-being, their human dignity, their human rights, and their human flourishing against all hazards and disasters.

A Upo Hub is different than an Estate, which is a envisioned as a clustered living site for members of a Shirehold and anyone connected to them. A Hub is intentionally designed to serve a larger distributed community of Peers and subscribers as well as fellow Christians and the general population within a chapter’s service area.

While many Estates may offer residential and commercial space to the public, Upo Hubs are also explicitly designed, with few exceptions, to emulate the concept of a free and pluralistic society of equals within a privately managed but marketplace driven community. Having space for Upo Estates, other kinship community groups, and the public within a mixed and pluralistic environment of diverse people is explicitly part of the Upadarian vision for community: never isolated or insular and never promoting disunity or division from the greatet society.

Every adult resident of a Upo Hub has a right to become an eResident of the Virtual Commonwealth platform provided they abide by the Common Standards and Terms of Use.

The Upo Hub is meant to be a sort of island of freedom in a positive, peaceful, and harmonious relationship with the larger society of which it is a part. The development of such hubs all over the world is an essential element of a larger vision to be a salt and light influence and witness to the nations as a Kingdom-bearing spiritual nation and harbingers of a new civilization founded explicitly upon Christian ideals. Physical space is needed to provide a sociocultural and socioeconomic experience and environment that engenders a sense of freedom with justice for all and a prosperity that is universal and opulent.

While many ideological movements seek their fulfillment through essentially conquering society, by votes or force, to compel all to adhere to their ways, our “revolution” has no such bent. It is based on freewill participation alone through voluntary consent and free association. The idea here is that the socioeconomic and sociocultural frameworks and blueprints are used and followed on a voluntary basis by people who choose to form free associations with others of a like mind.

The advancement of our spiritual nation as a People and our vision for a new civilization will only follow and be led by strictly voluntary adoption of our ways among willing participants. Our “political agenda” is defined and limited to efforts to secure the right of free association in forming our own voluntary kinship communities, mostly through Shireholds, which are extended familial communities of around 120 adults in voluntary free association.

The Upo Hub becomes a local to regional resource and service center facilitating the development of Shireholds and their Estates or distributed intentional communities where most members don’t live on Upo lands but do have a shared central hub of their own in the form of a Common House, Embassy, or Mission. These networks of Estates and distributed intentional communities as well as Hubs form the material infrastructure of our spiritual nation and our civilization on a unilateral basis.

In this manner islands of freedom will emerge that aren’t just associated with Upadaria as a spiritual nation but many diverse examples inspired by this effort. It is possible that the proliferation of such forms of communities and networks will become the norm for free people and will form the basis of a larger freedom civilization based on Christian ideals.

But for our vision, the focus is on reaching, gathering, training, and mobilizing people around our identity and vision to create Kinship Groups of around 10-20 adults and Shireholds of around 120 adults as well as the material infrastructure of our spiritual nation in the form of Estates and Hubs, all over the world.

Make no mistake, while our nation is not a political state in any sense, it will become a distinct sociocultural and socioeconomic body of free people distinct from all other nations of people, with its own culture and way of life, and with its own international organizations to promote and represent the interests and rights of its peers under international law. Upadaria will become a nation, even though its hubs and estates dot the world and even though its people are drawn from every race and countless ancestries to intentionally adopt a new spiritual nationality.

We believe and are convinced that God Himself protects the nations who make Him their King and Sovereign and who follow, albeit in their own unique ways, His standards of righteousness and justice. Diverse nations who love God and make His standards of righteousness and justice the basis of their norms and way of life are intended by God as the driving force of human civilization. Such nations come within God’s Divine protection and provision, regardless of their physical or material power. By adopting a form of nationality explicitly tied to God’s standards for the nations, the individual comes within the sacred border (pomerium) of that nation and receives a level and type of provision that can only come through such nations.

Building distributed intentional communities, Estates or Villas, and Hubs around this shared form of nationhood, which is adopted on a freewill participatory basis alone, is unilateral transfiguration of our lives and relationships and is the unilateral creation of a new freedom civilization. The Upo Hub becomes both an island of freedom and the vanguard or embassy of a new civilization built on Christian ideals.