We face the eventual unraveling of an economic system that controls our social, cultural, and civic life, as well as our economic life, through force and which basically trades in human blood. The alternative is a system of social, cultural, civic, and economic exchange based on freewill participation and mutual, equitable benefit. But the very erection of such a parallel structure will eventually earn the ire and violent reaction of those who rule the present, corrupt system.

To understand the present system, we must begin with fiat currency.

Fiat currency is currency backed by authority, which is force, and not intrinsic value. It is evil and yet it is our money system. Our money system is based on a luciferian model which is a trading floor in which human blood is the medium of exchange. This doesn’t in any way mean the monied powers are luciferians, they don’t have to know or understand the deep and wicked spiritual roots of their system in order for us to say it is luciferian. Satan trades in human blood, he essentially has a human trafficking, as in slavery and murder, trading system which is the essential quality of fiat currency, because it is based solely on force and the shedding of blood.

We can use the term “fiat order”, because it is an order of affairs in which force controls life and the real unit of exchange is human blood. This fiat order is destined to fail because it violates the laws of causality which govern the universe and human civilization.

Those who claim to be interested in rectifying the gross wealth inequality and inequity, especially for women and minorities, and for poorer communities like Appalachia, who don’t advocate for a return to a gold standard, for money backed by value and not enforced through government authority alone, are lying. There will never be any rectifying of social injustice without monetary reform that ends the fiat currency and, therefore, our luciferian economic model.

The development of trade scripts or private cryptocurrencies that may be backed by commodities of value, like gold, may allow for islands of a Kingdom Economy, which is an economy based on equitable exchange of value in freewill participation, which can prosper even when the luciferian economic system begins its inevitable collapse. As these alternatives emerge, the ruling class are using corporations and government, their vehicles of power, to suppress the trade scripts or cryptocurrencies and either ruin them or force them underground, thus limiting the number of free people.

It should be clear: never, ever, will the ruling class totally control the whole population all over the world all the time. There will always be islands for freedom and a minority of people who remain blissfully disconnected to a substantial degree from the controls and influence of this present system. But these will remain in the minority and will always be somewhat insecure until the edifice of this system falls.

The aside here is that only a few will ever ve ALLOWED to remain outside the system’s influence and control before violent suppression is used to prevent the escape of too many people at once. The Berlin Wall goes up when the number of people waking up and escaping is too high for the system to sustain itself. But the erection of such a system leads to the eventual fall of that system: when it can only be propped up through naked force it signs its future death warrant.

In seeking to liberate people from a fiat order to a Kingdom order, from bondage to freedom, we must understand that initially the liberated will be in the smallest minority, which in a sense is its best defense. It is a defense of stealth, in the sense the ruling class and their very limited means of exercising force and intervention have bigger problems than a few people who somehow found gaps for freedom through parallel social, cultural, economic, and civic structures erected among themselves on the basis of freewill participation alone.

Very few people will get this and relatively few even of these will adopt the intentionality and discipline needed to erect their own unilateral parallel structures for social, cultural, economic, and civic life that is effectively divorced from the present system which uses force and trades in human blood.