Leviathan always emerges and always demands total power over everything and everyone. Smallness may be the key to liberation from Leviathan’s control!

Imagine we were able to somehow get 100 million Americans to slow down for just an hour or so to fully hear our message of building freedom. We would explain why we need a foundation of four core ideals and of virtue, liberty, and independence. We would perhaps gain 100,000 or less, perhaps only 50,000, actual freedom-building activists who availed themselves of the legal means by which to find and exploit real “gaps for freedom.”

Gaps for freedom include anything, from a legal structure like a fraternal benefit society to a mutual benefit corporation, to physical spaces like your own house or a self-sustaining intentional community, that allows you to escape from the influence or control of others whose ideas and agenda you don’t support. Through gaps for freedom a parallel system can be created that meets all your most basic needs while affirming, not violating, your dearly held beliefs, values and convictions as well as traditions and customs.

The unpleasant truth is that there is a critical point where those who have found gaps for freedom and who can experience independence from anything or anyone that they don’t want to be influenced or controlled by cannot be large enough in number to be seen as a potential threat to the existing ruling class. It is in smallness that what emerges as the seed-bearing genesis communities of a new civilization survive and thrive in a latter-stage civilization beset by the malady common to all dying civilizations, Caesarism. Too rapid an emergence, unless it become so massive it becomes too big to tackle, of rhese genesis communities earns the attention and wrath of the ruling class. They don’t much fancy any plurality, let alone majority, of the population being weened from dependency!

And so freedom-building parallel structures become possible mostly in the stages where a very small percentage of the population avail themselves of these methods for liberation.

The ruling class are the small body of usually less than 1 in 10,000 people who effectively control the lives of everyone else through enterprises, institutions, and positions of status within every sphere of civilized life. In the latter stages of a dying civilization, the ruling class themselves are controlled for the most part and in most instances by the ruling core, which may be as few as a thousand or less of the most powerful people.

This entire ruling class falls prey to hedonism, narcissism, and authoritarianism to try to fill the growing spiritual void in their lives. They destroy everything they touch. Culture now becomes the product of politics and an extension of the ruling class in their craven lust for more and more sadistic power over others.

The end of a civilization can be a long drawn-out affair that takes decades or centuries and in some cases it’s hard to see where an old civilization ends and a new one begins. The Byzantines are an example of a new civilization emerging somewhat peacefully within the debris of the old civilization, while Western Civilization emerged, eventually, from the debris of the Roman/Greek and the Germanic civilizations.

During the Caesarism era, freedom is prey and authoritarians are the hunter, always looking to plug in any gaps for freedom that will liberate people from their influence or control. Independence of culture and of material self-reliance becomes suspect and treasonous in their eyes. Whereas once the US Government urged people to stock up on vast supplies in case of doomsday, today the “Department of Homeland Security”, a neocon agency of authoritarianism, practically “preppers” to be “suspected domestic terrorists.”

Being too loud or reaching large enough numbers in terms of the percentage of the population, puts you in the cross hairs of the ruling class. Even if your movement is totally a-political and non-violent, your numbers will attract suspicion and eventually prescription by the ruling class. If the Amish ever become a “thing” adopted by more than, say, 3 million Americans, the ruling class will end all their effective carve-outs by which they generally operate free from external controls today.

For this reason, the popularity of a given gap for freedom will result in the ruling class seeking its closure and then persecuting those who were using that opening. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it is observed over and over again throughout history. Only when an opening becomes too popular or when the small minority using it become too wealthy and powerful does the ruling class move to close it.

The ruling class want to rule and are driven by an almost orgiastic pleasure derived from knowing and observing their control over others. We all become furniture, tools, fixtures, commodities, and beasts of burden all focusing our energy and the fruits of our labor on their satisfaction. There is no benefit to society or common good, these are just slogans and propaganda lies meant to cause mass hallucinations that all is well when, in truth, the fabric of civilization is being torn apart and ruined.

At a certain point even the smallest and unnoticed minorities who properly exploit gaps for freedom become too powerful too soon and cannot be put down. This period between having such outsized power and being a vulnerable minority that could be easily swatted aside is the most critical time for the emergence of a new civilization. One suspects many potential new civilization movements die before they can flourish, being too weak and yet gaining the unwanted attention of the ruling class.

It is important in the early stages that any freedom-building movement fully realize its vulnerability and focus far less on trying to “bully” the ruling class into retreat and far more on gathering/building a movement as a community and on using gaps for freedom to help liberate its adherents from the influence and control of the ruling class. This notion that we must have an election, a specific cause, or a controversy to rally people is short-sighted and shallow. In fact, people too easily drawn in are too easily drawn away.

People must be drawn to building their own freedom and your movement must have blueprints they can use to do so unilaterally and autonomously in their own lives, relationships, and communities. The call from our perspective is a call to help sow the seeds and build the genesis, parallel, structures of a freedom civilization in our very own hearts, live, relationships, associations, and neighborhoods.

This movement, or at least its practitioners, must necessarily be relatively small in relation to the population, until its use of these gaps for freedom makes it so substantive and influential that any effort to suppress it would become too burdensome.

Smallness becomes the secret formula for neutralizing Leviathan. What he can’t “see” he cannot stalk and kill!

The fact that even if we reached 100 million Americans fewer than 100,000 would fully embrace and actualize our proposed gaps for freedom is a blessing in disguise. It means the ruling class have no concern over such an insignificant movement and that our efforts can proceed in peace and safety. But if 100,000 Americans adopted our proposed gaps for freedom, namely by starting with a new and intentional form of shared nationality, they would become the basis of an egalitarian “leadership core” for a much larger movement that would emerge suddenly and become too large to suppress.

The adoption of our proposed gaps for freedom, one major one being the “exploit” of an intentional “ethnicity” based on a globally-distributed spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, will almost inevitably and necessarily only include a small percentage of people. It is as if an ark of cultural and economic autonomy from a dying civilization was being built but only so many people could fit. For those who adopt the new approach, starting with this quite novel concept of intentional ethnicity based on ideals and not ancestry or race, there is the promise that no human power can prevent God from protecting the people of any nation, even a globally-distributed spiritual nation, from all harm.

While our heart is to save as many people as we can, we know this facet of the historical cycle and we know that, until our movement reaches a certain stage, very few people will enjoy the benefits of using our gaps for freedom. It may be most people reading these veru words will want freedom but won’t use our proposed gaps for freedom and will eventually suffer the consequences of being tied to the corpse of Western Civilization in its decline.

We should note, those who are most earnest about saving Western Civilization in its core Judeo-Christian spiritual, moral, and rational foundations are in fact sowing the seeds of a new civilization. This new civilization will emerge through the translation of a Kingdom Civilization mandate from each civilization in the forward evolution of human civilization according to God’s blueprint and design.

This becomes freedom for the very few. It’s not this way because it isn’t offered or accessible to all, it’s not because the few restrict or keep out the many, and it’s definitely not about the relative wealth of the very few who may actually start mostly less well-off than most of society. It is this way because very few will both be willing and able to comprehend and embrace the message and only a few of these will make the disciplined choices and sacrifices necessary to actualize such ideas.

However, at some point, the ruling class will either seek to close the gaps for freedom while suppressing those who used them or they will try to prevent more people to avail themselves of this while leaving the minority who did alone. What this means is that from the time we begin to build our gaps for freedom the clock begins a countdown wherein, eventually, in the natural process, only those few who have already availed themselves of this gap for freedom will be allowed to keep using it.

Many who refuse to countenance something as unusual and unorthodox as nationhood will, sadly, find that eventually this option will be unavailable to them even if they now want to embrace it. Once the “ark”, in our case a new form of nationhood with the genesis structures of a new civilization, is full, the door will close UNTIL the deluge of catastrophic and collapse destroys the old structures and deposed the ruling class. Those who today are free to learn about and adopt our nationhood and build its genesis structures in their lives, relationships, and neighborhoods, will find a time is coming where they won’t be free to do so.

This principle applies broadly as no doubt people other than us also have different gaps for freedom they are building and theirs too will eventually be “closed” by the ruling class to new people seeking those same gaps for freedom. The point is that, whatever gaps for freedom you find now that mostly agree with you, you should avail yourself of them before the option is closed to you because it MUST be. Being picky because it’s not your idea or because it might require some compromises or ceding of total individualism could see you outside the ark when the deluge comes.

People who are focused first on their own things and who cannot surrender an ounce of ownership or control, people who are too infected with the unhealthy, atomized individualism that makes everyone at once an island and yet a cog in a mega machine, will push back against things like shared ownership and corporation that doesn’t give them ownership and control. There is balance.

A true gap for freedom doesn’t require you to lose more personal autonomy than you already have, in fact it increases your own personal autonomy. A true gap for freedom merely shifts some of the areas of your life that depend on the ruling class to a community of people who choose freely to participate in, while releasing more areas to your total individual control than you enjoy now.

If someone buys shares in a mutual benefit corporation equivalent to “onwing” a house, they my not own their individual house directly, but, through their mutual benefit corporation, they have far more control over its use, who their neighbors are, and what values will govern their use of the land and common facilities. In this case, what looks like a retreat from directly owning to indirectly owning the building where you live, becomes a gap for freedom by which you actually gain more real control over the land and environment where you live.

Gaps for freedom is not always convenient and what makes sense from a regulatory and legal perspective is rarely ever how regulations and laws are written. The goal is control, not the common good or safety or anything claimed. The fair housing laws may seem directed at preventing discrimination in housing but they codify the atomization of the individual into bite-sized individual residences alone and destroy the ability of kinship groups from clustering together, as is natural and necessary if you want to nurture family and community as alternatives to the coercion of the state.

Finding a gap for freedom that works around this WITHOUT promoting discrimination in housing is essential if, like us, you see the revival of extended kinship groups clustered together as in days of old as an essential alternative to state coercion and corporate control. The combination of a land trust, mutual benefit housing, fraternal benefit societies, clubs, real estate investment funds, property management corporations, and other legal structures is necessary to get to a place where a private but open, free, and diverse community development can both nurture these kinds of extended kinship groups and yet also provide fair housing without discrimination to the public.

This is just an exmaple. For every area where you want more control your choices are usually things you can do as a lone individual and things that require the freewill participation of others in some form. And for all these you will have to both be creative in finding viable gaps for freedom, such as legal structures, and be ever mindful that your time in which to exploit that gap for freedom may be limited.

To return to our theme: relatively few people will avail themselves of such gaps for freedom because they are seemingly unorthodox and not “convenient” to people whose lives are based on dependency. The fact of this smallness is, however, the greatest stealth protection of those using such gaps for freedom. Smallness is our best and only defense against a ravenous Leviathan.