The Social Diagram and Your Mental Health- Bill Collier

Part One
The Disagreement That Leads To Mental Illness

Mental illness that is not rooted in actual bio-chemical processes gone awry are not in fact illnesses. Such “mental illnesses” are not so much an illness as a disagreement between body and soul and spirit.

It is difficult to say whether a mental illness is the product of bio-chemical malady or whether the malady itself is the product of a disagrement within who you are that has been going on for some time.

When what is in our spirit, if we are in communion with our Lord and Creator, our God and Savior, is not being turned into thoughts, imaginations, actions, behaviors, relationships, and our lifestyle there is a disagreement between who we are in Christ and who we are in our soul and our body. This disagreement between the inner man who is in Christ and the outer man who is in the way of this present age is toxic to who you are: to every PART of who you are!

It is this disagreement that causes anquish, anger, rebellion, fear, hatred, confusion, and all the other sources of disjointedness that are often equated to mental illnes.

However we treat the body and the brain, including curative and palliative treatments, we must address the potential for disagreement between the inner man and the outer man, and for that we need to look at the social diagram.

This social diagram looks like a football goal post and it associates everything we allow into our imagination/thought life, everything we do and say, and the rules or habits of our relationships and lifestyle with one of the following:

1. Requirements, duties, and obligations which we are compelled to conform to

2. Prohibitions which we must not violate on pain of a negative sanction, ostracism, or even a punishment

3. Ranges of laudable, praisweworthy, preferred, accepted, or tolerated choices, actions, behaviors, and etc.

4. Ranges of unacceptable, intolerable, shameful, and degrading choices, actions, behaviors, and etc.

Everything you think, every word and deed, every relationship choice, and lifestyle choice you imagine falls into one of these categories, and if the thing you imagine falls into the right category, you will do it.