Bill Collier- Democrats are masters of projection and manipulation. They are very bad at policy, all their policies have tended to make life worse for the working middle class and only better for mega donor corporations, special interests, foreign powers who may secretly back them, and their own political class. But for all that, this army of conmen and conwomen, who can’t even muster the moxy to identify gender as a real and biological thing, are good at narrative and presentation.

Of course it’s easy for them. They now have their totalitarian followers, who breathlessly and shamelessly call for banning and canceling anyone right of Che Guevara, in all top positions in all major US institutions. They have weaponized everything from cartoons to courts, from banks to boardrooms, from classrooms to doctor’s offices. There is no space where, when they get power, they don’t use it in an abusive and authoritarian manner.

This has been a slow-motion war against freedom with justice for all, lasting almost 100 years. It’s not that they were deliberately careful and wanted to take 100 years, it’s more they are that inept, even with all this power, and their ideas themselves are so baneful to decent people once those ideas are made known.

This war is against freedom with liberty and justice for all, people are targets only insofar as they resist the advance toward final victory. But, regardless of all the sensational and ill-sourced reports or the ramblings of back benchers, their war isn’t going to succeed at this time.

They don’t want people to have the dignity of agency but to be managed and corralled, for their own good, not even being able to own anything, as “the great reset” intoned.

They don’t want liberty, as defined by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights, which they treat as an impediment to their vision for society. This is why we support the idea of local, county, and state governments passing some sort of “Bill of Rights Sanctuary” resolution, law, or policy.

And as to justice, they make a mockery of it by evoking it repeatedly but as a mere cover for injustice: white shaming and white guilt garbage being just the tip of the iceberg. The targets of their “justice” are then doled out a pittance that renders them dependent and takes away their human dignity and told to be happy with it.

Where they have absolute power, the cities, they have turned them into plantations. Black and brown people are caught in a cycle of crime and poor education, with dead-end jobs and a welfare system that dehumanizes people and forces the destruction of the nuclear family: you get more money as a single mom.

The effect is that black and brown people become vote farms and cheap labor and even as Democrats are the ones ruling over them and making their life hell, they tell them that it’s all the fault of whites or conservatives. If only Republicans cared more and agreed more deficit spending and handouts and more and more wealth redistribution, all would be well.

Democrats have only one set of skills: using legerdemain and even borderline to actually illegal and unethical tactics, dirty pool on steroids, to destroy their opponents, to suppress dissent, and to create false narratives, all for the sake of power. They don’t want a two-party or multi party state, they want a monopoly on power from which their opponents can never recover. And they don’t care if they have to lie or cheat to get there.

If anyone asks me the ideology of the Democrats, I would say it is power, period. They have no soul as a Party. They will align with radical Islamic fascists, black supremacists, outright communists, modern robber barons who turn workers into slaves, and any other unscrupulous and inhumane group that will give them power.

The GOP has its own venile roots and aims, but I’ll leave that off for now as no sane person can think the GOP is capable of getting or keeping, let alone wielding, power in anything like a coherent manner. The GOP is a feckless cackle of old women wringing their hands and worried about the sound of their own shadows.

The Democrats’ slow motion and relentless war is not complete, though once again they think they are on the cusp of total dominion and monopoly power forever. They go too far. They literally think half the country whom they continually vilify and now want to disenfranchise will just quietly accept their chains and shut their mouths.

I don’t think this is happening. It’s not likely. But, first, it is within the realm of possibilities, and, second, an attempted crime doesn’t make you less of a criminal. Democrats are totalitarian thugs who should never be allowed close to power as long as they hold to their monopoly power ideology and continue their slow motion war against freedom with justice for all!