Popular. Likeable. Capable. Like Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano somewhat wears her politics on her sleeve. Like Pedro she made a comparison of her opponents to the Nazis, which is generally bad form in most circles.

But Pedro is being feted and adored and being offered new gigs while Gina is being sacked and pilloried.

What’s the the real difference, except their respective politics? Gina’s politics are not favored by the billionaire robber baron class who use wokeness and race as a form of distraction from their many crimes against humanity. Gina is part of the dissent. Gina is a beloved actress who portrays a popular character. Taking her out of a hit series that finally racked up some wins for the whole Star Wars franchise, crushed under a cancel freedom agenda out of step with its fans, is pure messaging.

The old adage about tyranny is that one doesn’t have to shoot all the rebels, one only has to publicly execute a few to frighten the many.

While milquetoast faux “conservative” Ben Shapiro is also banging on about the same theme, and has offered Gina a new gig doing a movie with his outfit, the shrill-voiced, fast-talking lad also sided with Nikki Haley in her refutation of President Trump. She was basing her rather shrill depiction of a denouement of the Trump saga on outright fabrications and lies by the corpostate-party press.

Shapiro on one side of his fast-moving, ever-flapping mouth hails Gina as the stand-in for all the dissenters while, on the other hand, gleefully sucking up to the cancel America crowd when it comes to President Trump. While we support Shapiro in doing a movie with Gina Carano, it is disgusting how easily distracted the man is from the truth and the big picture.

Our concern and objection isn’t that Shapiro criticizes President Trump, it is his inability to recognize the real “play” here that is designed to distract everyone from the deeper and more dangerous problem. If Trump was a so-and-so and badnick, the people opposing him and wanting him destroyed are far worse and more insidious.

The whole edifice and infrastructure of freedom is burning as crazed arsonists light more fires and Shapiro wants to carp on the guy across the street who won’t mow his lawn, which the crazed arsonists want you to also be focused on.

Gina Carano is in fact a warning to all dissenters- if you don’t comply with the cancel America agenda, you will be canceled yourself. Period. This also applies to President Trump: what better “public cancelation” could there be?

We are not of the sort to make anyone, including Trump, our totem for freedom. Trump has many deep flaws that we equate as much to his own will and character as we do to the moral and spiritual decline of this country’s culture. Trump was no worse for your own welfare and freedom than any other President, perhaps better, and the shrill-voiced over-the-top reactions and denunciations of the entire establishment were never warranted by actual events.

President Trump did not, in the end, fully comprehend the forces arrayed against him nor the malevolent intent and implacable opposition to him as a symbol of dissent. Additionally, President Trump was all too prone to gift his opponents with many gaffs and erratic content that was easily inflated into hysterics to delegitimize him.

There are many cases where Trump’s words are twisted into hideous caricatures, but in many of those cases even a novice Public Relations professional would not have opened the doors to such exaggeration. As Trump has chosen to be his own solo voice in all things PR and has refused professional counsel, he is like a novice lawyer who is his own counsel in a major legal case of extreme import.

Turning this into an opportunity to illegitimize every opponent is beyond the pale. But Trump certainly brought this on himself and us and his over-the-top conduct was and remains worthy of censure. So, why not censure him and move on?

The point isn’t that President Trump colors outside the lines or does things we or others may consider also beyond the pale. The establishment doesn’t care if you are beyond the pale in terms of morality or the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. They only care if you encourage dissent from their cancel America agenda.

Many Presidents have gone further than President Trump in fomenting crises and lowering the discourse. They were doing so in a way that didn’t encourage actual meaningful dissent from the ruling class of the corporate-government industrial complex. (In our shorthand we call this the “corpostate.”)

Gina Carano could have chosen her form of dissent better, as could her co-star, Pedro Pascal have chosen his form of slavish mimicking of the corpostate’s cancel America agit prop.

But Gina was fired and Pascal was feted. See the difference? It’s OK to be a rube or even a nogoodnic if you are not fanning the flames of actual dissent.

Outright encourage your followers to burn, loot, and harass to make a political statement and that’s fine as long as your ire isn’t directed at those who truly hold power and exploit the nation’s institutions for their benefit at our expense. The red rags of race and wokeness, genderlessness, and all these other things keep everyone fighting and not paying attention to the ruling class as they dismantle freedom and cancel America.

The game is: keep the raging bull of rigteous indignation going after the red rags while you, the real threat, plunge spears into it until it dies. The raging bull is what’s left of your dignity and freedom as a sovereign spiritual being made in the image of God.

The true target of all this isn’t Gina, or even Trump. In Gina’s case we argue for innocence, whereas Trump hasn’t comported himself well at all, regardless of the reasons why or the betrayals and disloyalty he has had to endure which might drive anyone to lash out. One may understand that perhaps few would react better, but the totemization of Trump isn’t going to help us nor is the demonizing of Trump, even if you think it is deserved.

Instead of merely defending some stand-in for our own fight for dignity and respect as free people, we need to focus on the true enemy here: a ruling class who want to end freedom and cancel America.

Whether you are for or against Trump or a registered Democrat versus a registered Republican or Independent, you are the target here. Your slavish giving of your vote, your consumption of their products, and your under-compensated labor are demanded on pain of being canceled. You can riot and protest all you want against your fellow Americans and demand things of no consequence to the ruling class. But you cannot aim your words or actions at the true problem: a ruling class who think they own us.

We must aim our ire at the real foe and we mustn’t be distracted by red rags, like wokism or Trump or whatever. The real issue with the people wanting to cancel others is that they are not morally qualified to judge anyone.

We will stand up to the corpostate goons and for your dignity and freedom as a spiritually sovereign human being! We will not be distracted because we know, as with the firing of Gina Carano, that the real target of all this is our meaningful dissent from their cancel America agenda.

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