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The God of The American Revolution Versus the gods of the Jacobins- William R Collier JR

From the begining of our Republic the American Civilization has struggled against those foreign influenced intelectual midgets from within who make up for their lack of wisdom in the sheer persistance of their deviant subversiveness.

The true student of American history and of American political and social theory, rooted in Christian concepts of freedom through virtue and self-reliance, would recognize in the present crop of national figures a slavish devotion to the Jacobin vision* of freedom FROM virtue and escape from the “burden” of self-reliance which has led to Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and now Obama.

The American Spirit, or Zeitgeist, is not inclined towards moral perversion any more than it is inclined towards letting people become dependent on the public dole when they are able bodied. The constant and persistent use of slick marketing disguised as entertainment and propaganda disguised as education by entrenched Jacobins who follow the gods of the French Revolution while disparaging the God of the American Revolution has up until now been answered only in half measures.

The Americanists have played by the rules that the Jacobins have insisted that we follow, even giving them the lead in defining the issues to be debated and the very language. We speak, for instance, of “homosexuals”, when “sodomite” is the proper term. We speak of “climate change” when “earth worship” is the proper term. We speak of “abortion” when “murder” is the proper term. We speak of “the Muslim world” when “Pan-Islamic Crusade” is the proper term.

Even those within the Americanist camp cling to their reactionary politics, fearing the Jacobin media elites who will decry any truth-speaking with epithets more than they fear the God of our Fathers who is most certainly enraged at sodomite “marriage” and murdering children in the womb!

If you call yourself some kind of a “conservative” and you shrink from such language, if the truth as God sees it, as our Fathers who birthed this Republic embraced it, is too hard for you, if you would not and could not call homosexuality sodomy and abortion murder, as the God of the American Revolution has in His Bible, then you have already started to become mentally and moraly paralyzed by the enemy.

Freedom through virtue and self-reliance knows no dictators, no tryants, no wars of agression, and cannot long abide injustices against God or our fellow man. Freedom from virtue and from the burden of self-reliance always leads to mass murder, tyranny, wars of aggression, and injustices against God and men!

You, dear reader, can take your cue from the TV or your so-called “teachers”, or you can decide to be commited to virtue and self-reliance as the only path to being free. This means that you use the language of truth, even when nobody else wants to even hear it, and you refuse to stop living that truth and speaking that truth, no matter the cost.

It is time to raise again the fallen standards of George Washington, Nathaniel Greene, Crispus Attacks, Patrick Henry, and Samuel Adams: fighters for virtue and self-reliance against the deprivations of Tory overlords who saw all men as mere chattel to the ruling class!

Speak the truth in love, because God is love and God is truth. To speak the truth plainly, and with a heart of redemptiveness towards even the worse offendors, for such are all of us without truth, is a demonstration of true love!

God loves the sodomites and the baby killers, Jesus died for them while they were sinning, but His love cannot erase theirs sins unless they repent and they cannot repent if they do not even know the truth!

Whatever the Jacobins do, however they use the institutions they now control, if we who are called by name as a People of God, after the vision of our Fathers whose God delivered us from bondage over 200 years ago, will stand in truth and live it and speak it, then that same God will also deliver us from our enemies: then the gaggle of sodmites, murderers, perverts, witches, thiefs, liars, and workers of iniquity will come to know God as Senacharib of the Assyrians came to know Him, by seeing their armies of destruction smitten of God until “in the morning, they were not”.