Freedomist Daily Digest – Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

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Gun Shop Owner Steps Up to Challenge the NFA

Wisconsin gun dealer Matthew Hoover is seeking a dismissal of his indictment for selling machine gun conversion equipment. Lawyers for Hoover are asking US District Judge Marcia Morales Howard to overturn it on the basis of the 1934 Anti-Gun Law being unconstitutional, setting up a path to SCOTUS to decide.



China Debt Trap is Leaving Nations Devasted

China’s loans to foreign nations are increasingly heading to default, with the poorest 74 nations owing $13,1 billion of its $35 billion loan payments due this year to China.  Pakistan was given a Chinese bailout, Sri Lanka was destroyed, Kenya lost a port, and Laos is suffering economic collapse.


60K US Soldiers Lose Pay, Benefits for Not Taking Vaccine

40,000 National Guard and 22,000 Reserve Soldiers are losing their pay and benefits for refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine.  A US Army spokesperson added, “Soldiers who continue to refuse the vaccination order without an exemption may be subject to additional adverse administrative action, including separation.



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US News & Politics

Dems Want to Give Treats to Voters Standing in Line

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Biden’s Energy Regulation Secretary Lied Under Oath, Lawsuit Alleges

Energy group sues Biden admin for stonewalling key information related to climate agenda
From www.foxbusiness.com


Iran Might Bet $100 BIllion Gift From Team Biden

Biden Poised to Give Iran More Than $100 Billion, Haley Warns
From freebeacon.com


States Might Prosecute Companies Funding Abortion Travel

Companies face penalties in aiding access to abortion

From global.chinadaily.com.cn



NJ Walmarts Hit By Serial Bomb Threats

Bomb threats continue against NJ Walmart stores
From nj1015.com


Chips Bill Gains Steam in Senate Despite Last-Minute Lobbying
From www.bloomberg.com
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California’s New Gun Law Could Hurt Wyoming Gunmakers, Sellers
From cowboystatedaily.com


Culture and Society

Indonesia Topples Social Media Control

Google, Meta Bow to Sweeping Taxes, Content Curbs in Indonesia
From www.bloomberg.com


China relocates residents in world’s highest county for better life-Xinhua
From english.news.cn




After Iran Nuke Claims, IDF Chief Warns, Israel Will Not Wait

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Is the EU Hoping for a Chinese Taiwan?

EU Envoy Endorses China’s ‘Peaceful Reunification’ With Taiwan
From www.newsweek.com


Zelenskiy sidelines close allies in Kyiv’s biggest purge of war
From www.reuters.com
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Supply Chain Latest: EU, China to Work Together to Tackle Food Crisis
From www.bloomberg.com
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Crimea Food Exports Soar, Indicating That Stolen Ukrainian Grain Likely Moving on to Export Markets 
From farmpolicynews.illinois.edu


China says it is open to ‘negotiate’ railway projects with Philippines
From www.aa.com.tr


Nigerian unions to protest shutdown of public universities due to strike
From www.reuters.com


Chinese engineering peacekeepers carry out construction tasks in Aweil of S. Sudan
From eng.chinamil.com.cn




Sri Lanka’s Green Nightmare

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EU Doubles Gas Imports from Azerbaijan

EU new gas deal with Azerbaijan as fears grow over Russia’s supplies
From www.cnbc.com


Firewood and no meat: Kenya’s cost-of-living crisis bites
From news.trust.org
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The Implications of a Progressive Regulatory Regime at the Federal Trade Commission 
From www.aei.org


How China became ground zero for the auto chip shortage
From www.reuters.com


Russia’s Ukraine Grain Blockade Could Starve Thousands, EU Warns
From www.ndtv.com


Apple Plans To Slow Down Hiring & Cut Spending Next Year
From www.indiatimes.com




Post-Midterm Release for Afghan Withdrawal Fiasco Report

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Senate Armed Services releases full $847 billion defense bill
From breakingdefense.com


Anti-drone laser weapon hub to be created in Scotland
From www.bbc.co.uk




Fly Brains Controlled Remotely

US researchers ‘hack’ fly brains and control them remotely

From interestingengineering.com



Breakthrough in gas separation and storage could fast-track shift to green hydrogen
From techxplore.com


Finding the 3D Structure of DNA for Stem Cell and Cancer Research Progress From www.nextbigfuture.com




Homeland Security advisers say disinformation board unnecessary
From www.washingtonpost.com