Freedomist Daily Digest – Thursday, July 21st, 2022

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Parents Win $300K From School That Silenced Them in Meeting

A PA School settled a lawsuit with parents after the presiding Judge ruled their practices were unconstitutional.Public speech at school board meetings is in fact protected by the First Amendment,” said US District Judge Gene Ellen Pratte.  He then ordered that school district to stop their practices.



4-Time Wimbledon Champ Ditches US Open Over Vaccine Requirement

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic will miss the US Open, after winning his fourth straight Wimbledon, due to a Covid-19 vaccine requirement to enter the United States.  Djokovic said, “the only good news I can have is them removing the mandate green vaccine card…. to enter the United States…”

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US News & Politics

Capitol Police Chief Upset Leftist AG Won’t Prosecute Colbert Crew

Capitol police chief fires back after US Attorney refuses to charge Stephen Colbert staffers arrested at Capitol office building
From www.theblaze.com

U.S. House on bipartisan vote passes bill protecting right to same-sex marriage
From minnesotareformer.com

Despite Whisper Campaign, Most Democrats Still Say They’d Vote For Biden: POLL
From dailycaller.com

AOC Among Lawmakers Arrested at Supreme Court Rally
From www.bqprime.com

GOP Battles Biden Decision That Made It Easier for Terrorists to Enter US
From freebeacon.com

Ron DeSantis Lays Waste to Gavin Newsom’s Laughably Dishonest Attacks 
From redstate.com

Mark Kelly Says Lawmakers Shouldn’t Use Their Offices for Profit. He May Have Done Just That.
From freebeacon.com

Police deflect rioters from Portland Catholic church, avert damage
From hawaiicatholicherald.com


Culture and Society

Pope Francis Reforms Being Compared to Vatican II in Scope

Pope Francis’ reforms to church governance are unlike any since Vatican II
From www.ncronline.org

Privacy concerns go beyond period tracking apps in a ‘reproductive police state’
From www.dailykos.com

MSNBC Hypes Dem Stunt: Would You Get Arrested Again ‘If You Had To’
From www.newsbusters.org



US Sends Guided-Missile Destroyer Through Taiwan State, Triggering China

Chinese military slams US warship’s transit through Taiwan Strait
From eng.chinamil.com.cn

Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss will be next British PM: Tory leadership race
From www.cbc.ca

Sri Lanka’s Parliament elects Ranil Wickremesinghe as new president to help devastated economy
From www.foxnews.com

Turkey pulls rug in humiliating blow as Putin charm offensive backfires
From www.express.co.uk

Wildfires Engulf Europe During Record Heatwave
From legalinsurrection.com



Biden Wants Kenya’s Tax Office to Snitch on American Companies

Biden wants KRA to spy on American companies
From www.businessdailyafrica.com

Europe awaits Nord Stream 1 restart as supply uncertainty swirls 
From www.aljazeera.com

Mortgage Demand Falls to Lowest Level Since 2000
From www.breitbart.com

Food Prices and Security Hit by ‘Heatflation’ as Summer Heat Wave Ravages Crops Worldwide
From www.gobankingrates.com

US claims Mexico energy policies violate trade agreement
From mexiconewsdaily.com



Dems Pushing for Assault-Style Rife Ban….Again…and Again….and Again…

U.S. House panel seeks to advance bill to ban assault-style rifles
From wtvbam.com

US Army selects GM Defense for battery electric vehicle
From www.army-technology.com



Google now lets Android apps use third-party billing in the EU
From www.techspot.com




Girlfriend of heroic armed citizen recounted to her grandmother how he saved her and ended Indiana mall shooting
From www.theblaze.com

Nigerian Christians condemn ruling party candidate picks
From www.ucanews.com